Lattes, Life & Luggage is a travel and lifestyle website created by Christine Rosko, a native Chicagoan who daylights as an independent publicist. Christine started Lattes, Life & Luggage in 2011 to embrace her love of writing and share experiences with whoever was willing to listen…well, read. Travel content includes city guides, hotel and restaurant reviews, destination features, and more. Besides travel content, you’ll find a variety of lifestyle sprinkled in occasionally including recipes, career advice, organization tips, and more.

Christine is always looking forward to her next trip or adventure whether that’s a weekend getaway to New York, several weeks in Texas, or a busy week in Chicago. Her dream is to move to France and live in the Loire Valley while exploring different parts of the world. You can often find her in a coffee shop or whipping up a meal at home to feed friends and family. Her top five dream destinations to visit (that she hasn’t already) include: New Zealand, Italy, United Kingdom, Greece, and Bali. She loves pasta, coffee, late nights, and whatever book she can get her hands on.

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Lattes, Life & Luggage is PR-Friendly and open to working with brands and companies of all sizes! Questions or comments? We'd love to hear from you. Shoot us an email to christine@latteslifeandluggage.com with "Question/Comment" in the subject line.

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