Saying Goodbye Is So Bittersweet

Hey guys! I am so incredibly sorry for neglecting all of you. It has been absolutely crazy the last two weeks here in Paris. I'm so sad that I only have two days left but I'm happy to finally be able to have time to blog again. So before I start giving you guys a bunch of posts on my adventures, here is a little recap of everything that has been going on.

A few weeks ago, my roommate and I went to Versailles where we walked through the Chateau. It was so crazy. To think I was walking on the same floor as Marie Antoinette. I couldn't believe it but there will more on that later. The next weekend I was a bit sick which is when there were a few Paris posts. But we did celebrate Bastille Day which was a blast and deserves it's own post as well. Then after Bastille Day, things got a little out of control.

I was in a Paris Culture and Society class this month and let me tell you, no students have ever been so crammed for time and sanity as we were. There were about ten of us and as much as our teacher was a great guy and very intellectual, the class was awful. Now let me clarify something, if it was a normal quarter during the school year I would have really enjoyed this class. However, our professor decided to cram about 14 weeks worth of work into 4 weeks. We were pretty much dying the last week and a half with a presentation, two 6 page papers and a couple 2-3 page papers. Yes, you read that right. It was all in a week and a half. On top of all of that, we had about a hundred pages to read every night all month. It was a bit overkill.

Which brings me to last weekend and the last week of my time in Paris. Last weekend we all went to the Loire Valley and had an amazing time. We saw so much and I wish we could have spent more time there. That was what I wanted when I came to France and I was finally able to experience it. Then this week was crazy with finals but I went to O Chateau, the wine bar my Oenology teacher owns, a few times and we went out to a few other places as well. Friday night was so amazing but sad too! It was the last night for most people since they flew out on Saturday. I fly out on Monday along with two other girls and the rest Wednesday. It's so sad to say goodbye to everyone!

The guy on the bottom was my Oenology teacher. Best teacher ever!!

All in all, this has been an amazing trip. I was really stubborn to like this city at first but now I'm in love with it and the people I've built new relationships with. There is so much I'm really going to miss from this country. I wish I could stay in Europe forever but we must all get back to reality at some point. In trying to make myself feel better I've been trying to think of some things to look forward to when I get home. The list isn't as great as the things I'm going to be missing from Paris but it's there. It makes things a little better. I guess that this is why they say that saying goodbye is so bittersweet.