10 Things I Loved About Paris

Now that I've told you guys about all of my adventures in Paris, I figured I would just do little posts about the wonderful place in general. I honestly could talk about this city forever but I've got this post and two others left for you guys to wrap up the trip. So, here are ten of the many things I absolutely loved about Paris.

1. The food. I loved having a boulangerie every other store. The long sandwiches you could eat on the go anywhere that were absolutely delicious have definitely been missed. I wish that we would have these places here. And no, it's not the same thing as Jimmy Johns or Subway. This is something completely different that I never experienced before France. 

2. Seeing the Eiffel Tower every day. It was what made me realize that yes, I am in Paris.

3. The cute little medieval streets. If there's one thing that people know about me, it's that I love history and I love feeling like I'm in old places. These little streets were by far one of my favorite things and there is nothing like that anywhere close to Chicago.

4. Wine. The wine in France is so amazing. All of it tastes good and you can get it for only two euros. I miss being able to drink a glass or two at lunch and no one care.

5. O Chateau. I really loved this place and one of my regrets is that I didn't frequent it earlier. It was such a great place and  so much fun. Not to mention the wine they had was divine.

6. The people I met. We had such a great group of people and I miss them so much. When you're thrown into a new place all on your own, you create a great friendship that is different than anything else. I can only hope to reunite with these guys again.

7. The shopping. The sales of France were going on when I was in Paris and they were so good! Even without the sales I just want to go back there one day to shop my heart out.

8. The little cafes. I loved how there were cafes and restaurants everywhere. Even more I loved that you could sit outside at all of them. Sometimes, sitting outside in Chicago there is limited space or none at all. Paris? Nope. I mean, they cram tables next to each other but it's still amazing. I loved it.

9. Travel. I wish I had been able to do more of this but one thing about Europe in general is that you can easily get anywhere. There are a million different modes of transportation to use which make it easy to get anywhere. If I had had more time, I would have hit as many places as possible.

10. The endless possibilities. Paris has so much to see and do. You're never bored and I love that. I loved every small detail that the city had to offer. I loved the European feel, I loved the people, I loved the cobblestone streets, I loved it all.