Pairing Wine & Movies Round 2: 2013 Wonderful Wine Co. Rosé

Happy Monday! 3 days till Christmas. Can you believe that? I'm happy to announce that I've officially finished my Christmas shopping. Are any of you last-minute shoppers like me? I hate it but it happens every single year. Anyway, today I bring you the next Wine & Movie Pairings post! We're in the middle of round two which obviously means  rose. I honestly haven't planned it out so that each ClubW box I receive is one of each color, it's just happened by luck of wine recommendations so far. I'd really like to expand my palate with reds though so maybe next time I'll go for one white and two reds. Who knows?! This weeks rose paired perfectly with a movie recommendation from my Zia Tia. She is the movie buff of movie buffs and always has some interesting recommendations. For this particular wine, she suggested Sideways with Paul Giamatti. Turns out, this is a movie for wine lovers (like me!).

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Sideways is a movie about a middle-aged man named Miles who is a failing writer living in San Diego working as an 8th grade literature teacher. He was divorced two years prior from a wife who apparently made him feel awful about himself and treated him not so great. His best friend Jack, a commercial actor who's basically lived out his prime already, is getting married to this gorgeous Armenian girl in a week and they are about to go on one last hoorah. Miles has an idea in mind of what this vacation is going to look like: wine tasting at the best wineries and vineyards in California's wine country, delectable meals, only the best pairings, etc. Jack has a whole other idea in mind...get laid one last time. During their trip, they meet these two woman who help them realize what they want in their lives. Jack decides that he really does want to be with his fiance and he can't live without her. Miles finally lets go of his past a little and opens up to someone new who might actually be able to make him feel good about himself. It's funny, entertaining, witty and I totally geeked out on the wine facts. This is not a movie if you've got kids around but good for a girls' night or just a simple date night. It was the perfect movie to pair with this week's wine.
The rose I had the experience of tasting was a 2013 Wonderful Wine Co. Rosé from Castilla y León, Spain with a Fruit Punch Signature Scent. ClubW says, "this rouge bottle of WWC is a delicious, all-natural, vegan Tempranillo rosé. That means you can feel super do-gooder while guzzling with your girlfriends and sharing all that made with organic grapes, eco-friendly goodness. Not to mention, you'll get to taste Castilla y León's signature red grape (Tempranillo) in blush form. This rosé's deep pink color hints at the gobs of ripe strawberry and white peach scents that jump out of your glass. With considerable body, weight and texture, the wine's fruit flavors are ripe and fresh but stop just shy of being sweet. If you like the drier styles of rosé that are characteristic of Provence, this is a great bottle to try. Why you'll love it: While you might be more accustomed to seeing French rosés, the Spanish also know how to make a killer pink drink. You'll still get the classic dry finish but Tempranillo gives that rosé an extra oomph of peach and strawberry."

If there is one thing this particular pairing taught me, it's that my aunt and I have very different tastes in wine. She seems to enjoy the more dry varietals whereas I prefer not particularly sweet but citrus and fruit flavored. Before I even had a chance to sit down, she had already taken a sip and said, "Oooh! This is a good one!" I quote. I, on the other hand, took a few sips giving it a real shot but couldn't force myself to enjoy it. It started sweet which is where the strawberry was at it's strongest but it had a very dry finish which I wasn't thrilled with. I think this would be a great summer wine for sipping on a warm day (with a glass of water too, of course). I would even use this for a sangria to be honest. It has a good beginning flavor so I feel that by adding some additional fruit, it would even out the sweetness for me. It's just a thought though.

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