Pairing Wine & Movies Round 3: Xo, G Rose

What better way to spend a Monday then with a glass of wine? It's the third round of my Wine & Movie Pairing series and I decided to switch things up a bit for this round. Normally I introduce you guys to a few bottles of wine I get from my Club W box but I have been dying to trying Xo, G from Giuliana Rancic. So instead of getting a Club W box, I passed and headed out to the store to pick up all of her wines. Yes, all of them. There are only three and they come in individual wine glasses which is perfect because it doesn't go to waste and there's no making dishes!! Anyway, moving on...

I started with Xo, G Rose. Her website describes it in short as "a fresh bouquet of flavor that boasts a delectable crispness." The taste profile is dry and light bodied and is recommended for a pairing with grilled chicken or a chocolate dessert which, as you can see from the photos, was our choice of pairing. The wine came from the Languedoc Roussillon region of France located in the South of France next to Provence. Here's the full description from the website: "Versatile and oh so chic, our French Rose tastes as good as it looks. But don't let the color fool you. This delightfully dry wine is the perfect option for when you want something a little heavier than a white, but not quite as full bodied as a red. Grilled meats like turkey or chicken will be perfectly complemented by the fresh strawberry and apple aromas."

The reason why I went out of the ordinary white, rose, red pattern was because I desperately wanted to see Into the Woods before it left the movie theater. The rose seemed like the most appropriate fit so we grabbed them and headed to the theater. Yes, I snuck wine into the movies and no, it wasn't the first time. Judge if you may. Into the Woods, if you're living under the rock, is a film adaptation from the music which intertwines several classic fairy tales bringing the characters together. I loved it personally. It was phenomenal, the acting was incredible and the music just mind blowing. I was honestly surprised at how well the performances are. Sometimes when Hollywood remakes musicals for the big screen, they don't live up to expectations but, like Les Miserables, this one was great. I recommend it to anyone.

As for the Xo, G Rose, this was another huge hit. I was a little nervous since it has dry in its description and I'm not normally a fan of dry wines but this one was pretty good. It doesn't have that dry bite typical dry wines to. It's fruity and crisp which I love. It also went perfectly with the chocolate too. I have no idea how well it pairs with the other suggestion, grilled chicken, because I haven't tried it but I can definitely recommend the chocolate.

What do you think? Did you see Into the Woods? How about the wines? Any of you Xo, G wine fans?

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