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Cooking With Stanley Week #6

Let me start by apologizing for my absence lately both on the blog and social. Between being stranded in Vegas two weeks ago and the auto show last week, I've been frantically trying to catch up but seem to constantly stay behind. It also doesn't help that I've been feeling under the weather since Monday. Yesterday was definitely a dud day. However, I'm working on getting ahead of life, work, you name it today and tomorrow. So cross your fingers!

Today's Cooking With Stanley is basically making fun of myself. The weekend I would have cooked a meal for today's post, I was busy with events. Last week, I showed you how I organized this project and also my regular weekly, meal planning. Today, I present you with...drumroll please...BLOOPERS! Yes, I've only cooked four times so far in this series but believe me, there's plenty to laugh at. Brace yourselves.

WEEK 1 The "$#%! I cut my finger" moment

WEEK 2How in the hell do you cut an artichoke?!!!

Oh whatever. I'll make it into decorations.

Well, that's going to leave a mark...

...and believe me, it did. That baby blistered for a week and I now have a scar to remember it.

WEEK 3 I did not sign up for this...says everyone when it comes to eating mussels. Well, my aunt managed to capture a video of me procrastinating and then finally eating one. It was this week that everyone decided I had a shellfish allergy too. Who knew?

So those are the first bloopers from Cooking With Stanley. Let me know if you liked this little mix-up. We're back to food next week!

Happy National Margarita Day!!

Happy National Margarita Day!!

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