Vegas 2015: Sugar Factory

A while back, you may remember me mentioning a weekend trip to Vegas. Well, I'm finally beginning to honor that promise of a recap. I wanted to start with Britney's Piece of Me Show but those videos are currently processing and I still need to edit them a bit so I can cut out some of my incredibly annoying screaming. Instead, we're going to kick it off with some food. If you're completely lost, here's a little background. The very last weekend in January, my cousin and I took a weekend trip to Las Vegas. This was something like his tenth time and my first. It was the best and most stressful vacation I've ever been on because of a whole lot of factors I won't get into but the important thing to note is that the food was amazing and my life will never get better than the moment I made eye contact with Britney Spears. You may think that's a joke but it really isn't.

That afternoon before the show, we decided to have a laid back day, have a nice lunch and walk the town. My cousin suggested we go to Sugar Factor at the Paris Hotel (my absolute favorite place by the way) and me, not really caring as long as I was fed, said why not. I now, cannot for the life of me, get this place out of my head. Coincidentally, the Chicago location opened up the same week I ate at the original in Las Vegas. So you bet I will be making it up to the one in Rosemont once I find myself a designated driver because I want a fish bowl again. This post by no means represents the whole menu but this is what we ordered. I'm dying to try their breakfast and a few other fish bowls.

Passion Punch: The unique flavors of blood orange and passion fruit are combined in this amazingly delectable cocktail. You and your friends will feel like you're sitting by the pool as you enjoy this punch filled with Kinky Liqueur, Finlandia Grapefruit, and Skyy Passion Fruit Vodka.


You would never know this drink had alcohol in it. I now understand how bars and restaurants make their money off of these. They taste insanely good and you don't know what hits you until later so after you've shared five with one other person, you have the time of your life for about an hour and then realize you made the biggest mistake of your life. I'm clearly only guessing that's how it goes here because I was a smart cookie and only had one of these and with another person. I say I should get bonus points for drinking it while eating lots of food and downing water like it was nobody's business. There's a berry one on the Chicago menu that I'd really like to try. This one was amazing though. It wasn't too sweet but more citrusy and went down real easy.

Mini Burgers with cheddar, smokey ketchup and crispy onion


This was probably my favorite food item we ordered. I wish they served it in a normal sized burger because I would totally annihilate that. These were so juicy and packed with flavor. Who knew sliders could be so amazing. The great thing about these was that we each could have one along with other items on the menu and that's what I prefer when I try new places, especially in other cities. I like to try a few things to really get the best experience.

Hummus Crustini with tahini vinaigrette, tomato and parsley


This was a very refreshing appetizer. It paired really well with the sliders because it was the opposite. To the heaviness and flavor-packed quality of the sliders, the hummus was light with a more subtle flavor. I really enjoyed this and I love that the chickpeas weren't completely mashed.

Chipotle Chicken Sandwich with bacon, lettuce, tomato, provolone, red onion, avocado mousse


This sandwich was amazing. Let's talk about the bread. Holy crap! The bun this was on totally stole the show if I'm being honest. I had taken my sandwich apart by the end and was eating the bread before everything else. Those fries were incredible as well. We got an extra side of them because between by cousin and I, a small fry on the side is nowhere enough. The chicken was very moist and tasted fresh which was really impressive. I forget, though, that Las Vegas is within driving distance of California and California has year-round produce constantly available. Must be nice...

Overall, my trip to Sugar Factory was incredibly satisfying. this was the first real meal I had eaten in probably 48 hours, if not more. The service was great, the view was amazing and the food was incredibly tasty. I really want to visit the new location in Chicago to see if it has a similar atmosphere and experience and to get my hands on another one of those fish bowls! What about you? Have you been to Sugar Factory before?

I leave you with my view while I ate lunch at Sugar Factory. Amazing, isn't it? Not the same as the real thing but close enough till I can get back.