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3 Girls' Night Out Ideas For Summer In Chicago

3 Girls' Night Out Ideas For Summer In Chicago

It's not summer yet but we're getting close. I may not be a huge fan of the heat but I do love summer nights. I love going out with the girls and just having a good time. In Chicago, we're cooped up for so much of the year that it's impossible to not enjoy a beautiful summer night when you can. So to prepare for the summer equinox coming up on June 21st, I've put together three ideas for a Girls' Night Out in Chicago.

Glitz & Glamour
For the ultimate night out on the town, you really need to go all out. This is normally reserved for a birthday or celebration of some kind but if you want to go top notch one weekend for no reason, more power to you!

PREP: Start by getting glammed up at a fabulous salon like George the Salon. You want the best service so you start your night out right. Get your hair and makeup done while sipping some bubbly.

DINNER: Meet the rest of the girls at an upscale, chic restaurant with great food. You're having a glamorous night so skip the barbecue and head for the foie gras instead. Naha is in a prime location, their reputation is unbeatable and their food is known to be exceptional.

DRINKS: Once dinner is over, head to a trendy wine bar or upscale lounge for post-dinner drinks. Pops for Champagne is a great option in the same area as Naha. Listen to live jazz while mingling around. Their Champagne and sparkling wine list is something to be reckoned with but they also have still wine, cocktails and other spirits for you to enjoy. If you get peckish as the night goes on, enjoy a variety of food options including small and shared plates, cheese and charcuterie, a raw bar and more. If you're looking for an ultimate night of glamour, look into black tie events happening in the city. The summer is full of them so I'm sure you'll find a few per month that benefit local charities.

Dancing In The City
If you need to blow off some steam or just need a really fun night out, it's time to go dancing. This is typically what my night looks like when I go out with the girls, especially in the summer.

PREP: You don't need a whole glam squad to go out dancing but it's nice to have someone blow your hair out for you. Head over to DryBar in Lincoln Park to get your hair picture perfect. You know there's always one friend who has to be crazy on the camera. Also, you're hair should be good for three days since it's professionally blow out. Isn't that the greatest?

DINNER: Ladies, be honest. You know that if you're going to be on that dance floor, you're going to be drinking. Don't sacrifice calories because you'll end up sick before the night even starts. I personally love Hubbard Inn. Whenever I start a night there, I know it's going to be good. The food is fantastic and while you're hydrating on plain old water, you can also nurse a cocktail or two as well.

DANCING: Now for the fun part. If you're looking to stay in the same area as Hubbard Inn, The Underground Chicago, Untitled and Social25 are good places to check out. If you want a bit of a Latin twist, Lalo's or Nacional 27 have great music. To be honest, there are so many places to go dancing in the city. You just have to find the right crowd for you with the music you like best and stick to it. If you're looking for an outdoor scene, I love ROOF on theWit and Vertigo Sky Lounge at the Dana Hotel.

Laid Back, Low-Key, No Fuss
Last but very not least, we have my favorite of the three. I'm a no fuss kind of person. If I had a choice of braving lines and sitting at home in sweats watching New Girl on Netflix, I'd choose the latter every time. Sometimes you just have to get out though and that's what this option is for.

DINNER: Take it easy and have some comfort food with a restaurant like Bub City, Taverna750 or Little Goat Tavern. All three of these have fabulous menus that will have you rolling yourself out of the restaurant. Bub City would be a great one-stop night because it has great food, drinks and live country music. This is my new favorite nightspot.

DRINKS: If you're not quite ready to go home yet, stop off at a low-key bar like Brando's in the South Loop or Howl at the Moon in River North. I love both of these places. Brando's has karaoke and Howl at the Moon has live music. They're both fun environments and you can dress casual or dress up.

NIGHT CAP: If you're not feeling the bar scene or just stay for a drink, head on home for those comfy sweats and a bottle of vino. Have girl talk, watch a chick flick, do whatever floats your boat. After all, this is GNO. There is no wrong way to have a girls' night so make it what you want it to be. Grab gelato from Paciugo on your way home, order in from Chicago's Pizza or Sarpino's because we've all been there before.

So these are my three GNO ideas for summer. Let me know what you think. Have you been to any of the places I mentioned or do you have other suggestions? Not in Chicago? No problem. Tell me what you like to do in your hometown or city.

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