Thirsty Thursday In June: The Irish Belle

Happy Thursday! You know what's great about Thursdays, you're just automatically in a better mood. I know some people hate them because it's just another day before Friday but I love them! It's ONE more day till Friday as opposed to Tuesdays which I think are the absolute worst day of the week. At least on Mondays, you just come off the weekend and still feel it a bit. Tuesdays are just that day of the week when you still have most of it to go and last weekend feels like it was forever ago. Know what I mean? Anyway, to get your weekend started early on this amazing Thursday, I have yet another cocktail for you. I'm loving this series. I might continue it into July and experiment. I haven't quite decided yet. Today's cocktail is one of my favorite's so far.

The Irish Belle
1 oz Tullamore DEW Irish Whiskey
.5 oz Cranberry Juice
.5 oz lemon juice
Dash of Peach Schnapps
3-4 raspberries

Whiskey and fruit? Sounds like an odd combo, right? At least it does to me. It's so good though. This was super refreshing and the peach schnapps really topped it off at the end. I would love to have included the raspberries but I just couldn't find any good ones at the store. They were all moldy. Perks of getting "exotic" California berries in the Midwest. Instead, I garnished the glass with a lemon wheel as you can see. This is, honestly, the best summer drink. It's cold, refreshing and tart. The mixture of cranberry and lemon juice is a home run and the peach schnapps give it that little bit of sweetness to really round out the flavors. Need something to serve poolside? This is it.

If you wanted to give this a slight twist, I feel like adding a little sparkling water would really work. It's just a theory, I haven't tried it yet but I'm curious. Maybe instead of cranberry juice, you get a sparkling cranberry or white grape juice to give it a fancier feel? I may be on to something or I may be completely over my head messing with already perfected cocktails. You don't even need to change the recipe to fancy it up. Serve in a champagne glass instead and you'll instantly add a little extra class.

So what do you think? Is the Irish Belle a drink for you?