8 Reasons You'll Love Galena

I think I've raved about Galena enough but I couldn't finish writing about this incredible city without one more round-up. I give you...8 reasons you will love Galena. These are my eight favorite moments, sites, tastes, etc. from my trip poured into one post telling you why you'll love this place. To be quite honest, now is the time to visit of any. The trees should be turning (hopefully) any day now and the scenery is bound to be breathtaking. If I weren't leaving for my next destination in two weeks, I'd be tempted to go back very soon. But until then, these memories will have to be good enough.

1. The drive. Driving to Galena is probably one of the most scenic routes you could take in the Midwest. I've been on a few road trips in my time but I'm usually sleeping through them. Once you pass all the flat farmland, you start to get into a more hilly terrain which is full of beautiful overlooks and tree-lined streets. It's incredible.

2. The history. You can feel the history all over Galena. From random antique shops in the middle of nowhere to the old mansions downtown. It's like taking a step back in time only in much more comfortable clothes. 

3. The people. They are quite friendly. I've never had so many people I didn't know say hello to me before. It's weird at first being someone who likes to mind their own business but it's really great once you get used to it. Nothing beats traveling to an amazing city that also has kind, friendly people.

4. The food. There is so much food, so many incredible places to eat. Try and eat somewhere different every time you eat out. I always find that to be the best way to experience as much as possible. Also, take some food to go a time or two and have a picnic. 

5. Unplugging is easy. Sometimes it can be really hard to let go of technology and email and text messaging, even when you're on vacation. Galena is so beautiful and so charming that you won't even think about that stuff. The only thing you might be tempted to do is snap a ton of photos to capture all the beauty. Next thing you know, you're leaving with a completely refreshed brain that hasn't been stressed out from emails in days!

6. Shopping is actually fun. Because it's interesting. I loved walking into new shops down Main Street just to see what I'd find. 

7. There's always something going on. There has to be a different festival or fair every weekend. It's almost impossible to be bored in Galena because they've always got something up their sleeve. Even on weekends that aren't celebrating something in particular, you can find tours, celebrations or events at wineries to enjoy. 

8. You will naturally relax. Because you're quite literally surrounded by nature, your getaway has a built-in stress reliever. Getting a massage might still be a must but you definitely won't need it to relax while you're visiting.

Make sure to check out my other posts chronicling my time in Galena. Coming up soon is my trip to Peoria and make sure you're following LWASOC on Instagram because in two weeks I'll be en route to a three week trip. Reveal coming soon!