Firefly Kitchen Review

One of the best parts of living so close to a great city are the new restaurants that constantly pop up. You have quite a few old ones that become favorites and classics for dining out with friends and certain celebrations but nothing beats discovering a new restaurant and trying it for the first time. New flavors, new atmosphere, new all creates a brand new and memorable experience. Firefly Kitchen is a new neighborhood joint just north of Chicago in Wilmette. It's a farm to table restaurant with a great wine and cocktail list and a very friendly staff. My Noni and I had the opportunity to dine there recently just as fall started to settle in and we had a great experience. 

Firefly Restaurant 9.jpg

Upon arriving, the restaurant has a brick facade on the outside with large windows covering almost the entire front of the building. The inside has a blend of rustic and industrial design elements but the space is very warm and inviting. One of my favorite aspects were the quotes on the walls. There were several throughout the space giving it a unique touch that's very unexpected. The staff greeted us warmly and sat us at our table by the window which was a treat in itself. 

The food was delicious. We started with the Grilled Veg Goat Cheese Terrine which had zucchini, squash, eggplant, carrots and a lemon vinaigrette. I wasn't quite sure what to expect since it was the first time I'd had something like this before but it was really tasty. Light and fresh, the veggies were tender but not mushy and the goat cheese paired with a lemon vinaigrette was a phenomenal combination. It had a slight end of summer feel to it but it was also a great starter for a perfect fall day.

I ordered the Truffle Mushroom Risotto which had been calling to me since the first time I laid eyes on Firefly's menu almost two months prior. It definitely didn't disappoint either. I paired the risotto with a Chardonnay which I don't normally prefer but went with the dish beautifully. The buttery, dry nature of the wine went really well with the creaminess from the risotto. I highly recommend this dish if you visit. My Noni ordered the Solerno Burger on a Brioche Bun. I didn't try it myself but I did see it and man did it look good. She raved about it and my Noni is not one to lie if she doesn't like something, no one in my family really is. 

Overall, we had a great experience at Firefly Kitchen. I would really love to go back and try the Roasted Organic Chicken and a few of their cocktails. They're also open for brunch and that menu looks divine. I'd have to plan early for that one because I currently want to try everything on the menu. The Breakfast Mac and Cheese and French Royale would definitely be the first on my list to try.