Holiday Gift Guides: Friends

I know I promised a new gift guide every Friday but last week was a holiday and I got a tad behind. So instead, we're starting your week out with a gift guide for friends and ending it with a gift guide for the professionals in your life. I love the friend gift guide because it can get a bit goofy based on the types of friends you have. Not as goofy as the quirky gift guide that will come at the end of the series but still fun nonetheless. So hopefully this will help inspire some of your holiday shopping, especially on this busy Cyber Monday. Happy Shopping!

FIRST TWO ROWS (from left to right):
1A: The 52 Lists Project ($16.95 - Paper Source) - For the more introspective friend or even the Type-A friend, give them a daily task with this book of lists. Each week of the year, you write a list according to the topic it gives you with the hope to inspire and motivate you to follow your dreams and better your life.
2A: Mini Pink Himalayan Bath Salts ($28 - Simply Curated) - A great gift for any gal who just needs to take a break, these bath salts will provide a relaxing soak to your stressed out, overworked friend. Have moms for friends? Even better.
3A: Cats in Sweaters 2016 Wall Calendar ($14.99 - Urban Outfitters) - I am not a cat all. But I  do have friends who are and would love this. Give this gift to your friend who is a die-hard cat person.
4A: Magnetic Phone Lens Series ($49 - Photojojo) - Have a friend who loves to take photos? Maybe a blogger friend? This is a great gift for them. Do they travel? This could be a great option for them in place of carrying around a super expensive and bulky camera. 
1B: Dark Chocolate Champagne Truffles ($18 - Anthropologie) - Bring your hostess something she can indulge in this holiday season with delectable truffles. These are great for any friend who loves chocolate. Get ready to buy in bulk.
2B: Double-Ended Coloring Pencils Set ($10 - Urban Outfitters) - This is a great gift for a friend who is artsy. That person constantly pulling out their pad to draw? These are great because since they're double sided, they take up less space.
3B: Tales of the Jazz Age ($19.60 - Out of Print Clothing) - This store in general is great for friends who love literature. This shirt in particular stood out to me. 
4B: Lancer Travel Essentials for Face and Body ($150 - Sephora) - This one is more of a splurge but a great gift for the traveling friend. This kit has all the essentials to keep your face cleansed and blemish free and your body nourished and it's great to travel with.

1C: Mason Jar Herb Garden Kit ($28 - Terrain) - Have a friend with a green thumb? This is a great gift for anyone that likes to grow their own garden. I especially love this because you can keep the herbs indoors all year long instead of replanting every spring.
2C: The Mindfulness Coloring Book: Anti-Stress Art Therapy for Busy People ($9.95 - Urban Outfitters) - Give the friend who is always stressed about something an easy getaway with this adult-sized coloring book. Coloring has been a proven stress-reliever and who doesn't love the childhood favorite? 
3C: Tear Off E-Cards 2016 Calendar ($14.99 - Urban Outfitters) - This is probably one of my favorites on the list. You know all those e-card things you see in your Facebook feed and on Pinterest? This is basically a daily option for you. Start your day with a laugh when you rip off yesterday for a new snarky comment.
4C: Tech Kit ($26.95 - Paper Source) - Perfect for the traveling friend, let them never go without a technology-dependent cord again. Whether it's a USB, charger or something else, this kit will make sure they're prepared in any corner of the world.
1D: The Craft Cocktail Party ($26 - Terrain) - For the mixologist friend who is always whipping up the latest innovative cocktail, this is a great gift. Even if they're just starting in the cocktail world, this is a great book to advance their skills.
2D: Wheel of Shots Game ($15 - Urban Outfitters) - Your party animal of a friend is going to love this game. This is great as a gag gift or a grab bag gift too. It's fun and ridiculous so how can anyone be upset receiving this.
3D: Wine With Food: Pairing Notes and Recipes From the New York Times ($14.02 Barnes and Noble) - Do you have a friend who loves wine and cooking? This would be great for a foodie or entertainer. 
4D: Bad Dog Diner Wisdom Mugs - Set of 4 ($35 - Uncommon Goods) - I covered a gift for cat lovers so it was only fair to get the dog lovers too. These mugs are hilarious. I would love to get these as a gift as I'm sure anyone else who loves dogs would.