Keeping Your Work Space Organized

Regardless of the time of year, staying organized is something we can all do better at. However, with the holidays here, staying organized might be the only think keeping us sane. With all the craziness from shopping for the perfect gifts to making sure all your work obligations are taken care of, it's important to make sure you know what needs to be done now, what can wait for tomorrow and what can wait for next week. I am a nut when it comes to organization so I figured I'd share how I organize myself to keep things in check. Beware, there are a lot of lists involved. 

My must-have items that I simply cannot manage without are a split to-do list, grocery list and weekly layout. For weekly appointments and meetings, I have my Erin Condren but for detailed to-dos that are categorized, I have my 5 Days a Week Paper Mousepad. I love seeing a weekly and daily layout for my to-dos because it gives me a goal to work for during the week and little tasks to tackle each day. The mousepad is a great way to put them both in one. For a more detailed daily to-do list, I love the To Do Pad. This is probably my favorite simply because I love the four sections. I rename the categories to suit my needs but it really helps me focus on specific tasks for the day. Last but not least, with all the menu planning, recipe building and Cooking With Stanley mania I do, a grocery list written by hand no longer is good enough. A while ago, I received the All Out Of Pad in a box swap and instantly fell in love. I have this on my fridge to add throughout the week. It's incredibly helpful while shopping. It keeps my on task, gets me through the store in an organized manner and keeps me from buying a bunch of stuff I don't need. If it's not on the list, it doesn't go in the cart!

keeping organized 1.0.jpg

Ok, so this is probably the most important part because all the lists in the world wouldn't work if you had them in piles. There are three pads I keep on the wall in front of my desk: the To Do Pad, Daily Intention Tracker Pad and top two must complete tasks pad that I got somewhere I can't even remember. These keep me on task helping me focus on the day and not get overwhelmed by what I can handle later in the week.

On the left, I have my coffee (always), my planner and my phone. It's also where I keep all my desk essentials like pens, pencils, markers, etc. On the right, I have my 5 Days a Week Paper Mousepad. Since I'm right-handed, I like to keep the right side pretty clean. The less I can knock over the better. What you don't see is a monthly marker board calendar on the wall to the left of my window which is directly above my desk. That is my life because I never know what day it is. 

This layout works for me because I have all the views I need: daily, weekly, monthly. Having daily tasks and notes right in front of my face keeps me on task but the weekly lists on either side are easy to access when I need to schedule something or fit in a new assignment. The monthly calendar is great for at a glance scheduling and long-term planning. I know some people say the more lists you have, the less productive you are but I think the trick is to have lists that are your life source and lists that are just for fun. For example, the Daily Intention Tracker Pad isn't necessary for me to get what I need to done but it's really fun to fill out when I'm feeling uninspired or particularly snarky. I'm a supporter of keeping things around that will help inspire creativity and that is definitely one. 

I just want to mention two more items that are nifty to have around. I love the Another Meeting Pad. It is really nifty on calls that take more than ten minutes. I also have the To Accomplish Sticky Notes Packet. These are awesome when I'm crazy busy. I'll attach them to the wall so that I can't forget and their big bold titles make finding what I need at a moment's notice super easy.

I've talked about Knock Knock and their incredible products for a while now. I have my favorites and I have others I just love to laugh at. When it comes down to it though, they really have everything you need to have an organized space to increase productivity and save you a lot of stress. What are some of your favorite products to keep in your work space?

Thank you to Knock Knock for providing the 5 Days a Week Paper Mousepad and Daily Intention Tracker Pad. This post was not sponsored, I simply enjoy Knock Knock's products. Any other products featured in this post were purchased by the writer of this post.

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