Literary Junkies November Link Up

Hi everyone! Welcome to the Literary Junkies link up! Grab our button below and link up with Taylor and I this week! Next month we're reading The Art Forger by Barbara A. Shapiro.

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Your co-hosts: Taylor from Pink Heels Pink Truck and Christine from Life With A Side Of Coffee

Here are our questions for the week:

1. What are you reading right now? Tell us about it.
I literally just started reading Becoming Ellen by Shari Shattuck. I can't say much about it just yet but here is the Goodreads description: "Ellen Homes is done being invisible. Well, sort of.  
Living with her closest friends, Temerity and Justice, has helped her step out of the shell of invisibility she once hid away in. She still seeks refuge in solitary time and observing from afar, but she has pushed herself to open up to others in ways that bring her unexpected happiness. 
But when a terrible bus crash upends her normal routine, Ellen finds herself on a whirlwind crusade for the unseen and downtrodden. Only this time, helping others—including two young children with no one else to turn to—will mean facing a pain from her past that she’s long tucked away. Picking up where Invisible Ellen left off, Becoming Ellen returns us to the touching, poignant, and compassionate world of Ellen Homes as she learns how to navigate the world she has decided to become a part of."

2. Now that we're coming up to the holidays, are there any books you like to return to or remind you of childhood?
I always like to re-read Jane Eyre around the holidays. If not that specific book, something classic. There's something about old literature that makes me want to curl up with a hot drink and a soft blanket while the snow is falling. Maybe it's the romantic buried somewhere deep inside of me.

3. Do you have any new books on your wishlist?
So many books actually! I recently came across a few novels by Erika Robuk and I'm dying to read them. They all somehow relate to the famous writers of the early 20th century like Hemingway and Fitzgerald. I especially want to read Call Me Zelda.

4. Favorite book you've ever received as a gift?
My mom got me the Sookie Stackhouse series one year for Christmas. This was a while ago when she only had 7 books out and you could get the first six in a box collection. Needless to say, I ripped through those faster than I've read anything else before. 

5. Favorite book centered around the holidays?
This is weird to admit because I never actually thought about it but I don't think I've ever read any books centered around the holidays. Suggestions?