Christmas Is In The Air Link Up: Favorite Christmas Movies

Well, hello there! I'm so excited to announce that Chelsee from Southern Beauty Guide and I are back for Christmas is in the Air! This is our third year doing the link up together (I think) and it's always something we look forward to. This year, we'll be hosting the link up on Mondays but feel free to post anytime during the week and always remember to include the link to your post in the link up below. Here is the schedule:

December 7th: Favorite Christmas Movies
December 14th: Holiday Beauty
December 21st: Christmas for Foodies!

With that said, here are my favorite Christmas movies!

Dr. Seuss' How the Grinch Stole Christmas
This movie takes me back to my childhood every single time. It's only December 7th and I've already watched this movie twice on the 25 Days of Christmas. I own it on VHS and DVD and I know it word for word. This list is in alphabetical order but there is a very good chance this is my number one favorite Christmas movie of all time. Jim Carey was born to play this role and how can you not love the dog?!

Love Actually
One of the greatest movies ever made, seriously. I think I also include this in Valentine's Day round-ups but it's a move everyone watches at Christmas time because it's technically a Christmas movie. It makes me laugh, cry and scream all in a short period of time. I love the emotional roller coaster, I love the cast and I love all the intersecting stories. And that scene at the end with the carol music and posters? Come on. How do you not love it?

Meet Me In St. Louis
One of the classic Christmas films on my list. I love this movie because it reminds me of my childhood, again. Judy Garland is incredible. This film is impossible not to love.

The Bishop's Wife
Cary Grant makes it onto every movie list of mine. He's such a classic. Honestly, I feel like any movie with a character named Dudley wins at life. But seriously, this is a great film about the true meaning of Christmas. You've gotta love Cary Grant's humor too. It's so subtle and perfect.

The Family Stone
A lot of people have mixed feelings about this movie because it's not technically a comedy and is actually pretty sad at the end. What I love about this movie is that it's real. One year, Christmas can be perfect and the next it's missing someone that you loved very much. We can all relate to this. Even though it hurts and it feels different, you know that life must go on and that person would want you to celebrate like they were still there. Even with the heavier message to this movie, there are some hilarious moments that have you laughing so hard your stomach cramps.

The Holiday
The perfect winter romantic comedy. This was a dynamic cast. Jude Law is one of my favorite male actors of today and Kate Winslet of my favorite female. I also love Cameron Diaz and Jack Black. These four were born to play this movie together. I can watch it on repeat.

The Muppet Christmas Carol
Another movie that reminds me of my childhood. I know, that's probably getting old but it's the truth! I used to watch this daily as a kid and I would laugh just as hard as I did the last time I saw it. I still laugh like a kid when I watch this movie. 

The Santa Claus
This reminds me of my childhood for a very specific reason. I remember going into the movie theater to see this. I was three years old and we were late. Santa was just falling off the roof when we walked in the doors. I know you aren't supposed to remember memories that young for some reason but I remember it clear as day. I can't tell you what happened before, what happened during or after the movie but I can tell you everything about when we walked in. I still love watching this movie. It makes me feel like I'm not so old.

While You Were Sleeping
Who doesn't love Sandra Bullock? This movie has an all-around great cast. I love the story, it's funny, it's a feel-good film and Joe Junior is both endearing and creepy at the same time, always. I watch this year-round. I love when I'm scrolling through the channels and find it on TV. It's the best surprise ever!

White Christmas
I have been watching White Christmas since before I can remember. My great-grandmother loved this movie and she loved Christmas so we watched it all the time. I know all of the songs, I can practically recite it word for word and I love it even more every time I watch it. It's the #1 Christmas movie of all time because it is a classic, everyone knows it and everyone loves it. It's the ultimate Christmas film

What are your favorites?