Cooking With Stanley Week 42

This is really crazy to say because I've been doing Cooking With Stanley since January...but we only have about 14 weeks left. This year has flown by and I honestly can't believe I've almost completely cooked my way through The Tucci Cookbook. I'm kind of excited for these last few weeks because it seems I saved some of the best recipes for last. There is a lot of pasta coming up, lots of desserts and a bunch of smaller dishes that are fantastic. It's been a crazy journey but I'm excited to wrap up, reflect and start on something new. With that said, I would love it if you guys would let me know your opinion on this series. Did you like it? Did you hate it? When it's over, would you like to see me cook through another cookbook? If so, any suggestions? I have a few I'm thinking about like A Kitchen in France by Mimi Thorisson and Around the Table by Martina McBride. Feel free to comment, drop me a note on any social media or even email me! I'm all ears. Onto this week's menu...

Fried Pasta
Eggs with Salad and Soppressata
Cannelloni with Spinach Ricotta Filling

This was a hearty, comforting dinner and everyone liked it. I personally adored the Eggs with Salad and Soppressata. It was basically an egg scramble tossed with a salad. Amazing! Starting with the Fried Pasta, it's basically what it sounds like. Pasta fried in olive oil. I used leftover lasagna noodles which was super easy and they were surprisingly delicious. I figured they'd be chewy or too crunchy. Not true!

The Eggs with Salad and Soppressata was an interesting dish. It was a very simply prepared salad mixed with this egg scramble. I used pancetta instead of soppressata but that was my only modification. The scramble was super flavorful and might have been a bit much on its own but the simple salad it mixed together with balanced everything out really well. I had more of this than I did of the cannelloni, I loved it so much. I almost never say that about salads.

The second round of cannelloni was much more enjoyable than the first. It had nothing to do with the difference in filling but more with the fact that I didn't make the noodles from scratch. I bought manicotti noodles at the grocery store, cooked and stuffed them. The filling was delicious. I love spinach ricotta fillings in anything. I use it in lasagna, ravioli, you name it. I love his cannelloni but the one thing I would change up when making this regularly for myself is leave out the white sauce. White sauce is tasty but super heavy. I prefer a regular marinara. The two mixed together though is a phenomenal combination. I would try it at least once. 

This week's menu was incredible. Next week I'll be sharing the very last fish recipe in the form of stew, an incredibly tasty dessert and a simple rice recipe that will be your go to side for any future saucy meal.