Dining In Peoria: One World Cafe

One World Cafe in Peoria, IL is a unique restaurant right outside the downtown area with an interesting menu and artwork all over the walls. After a long weekend of wine tasting, trying restaurants and discovering the small city, we stopped on our way home for brunch once we checked out of the Mark Twain Hotel. The cafe was known for having great coffee and some of the best breakfast food you can find in Peoria so naturally I had to stop in. Turns out, we should have come here for every meal because this was our favorite place in Peoria. The environment was welcome and energetic. The food was incredible. The service was patient (I had a terribly hard time deciding what I wanted), prompt and kind. It was an overall amazing experience and I'd love to go back the next time I'm in central Illinois. 

I immediately ordered a cappuccino upon arrival. The milk to espresso ratio was spot on and I loved the clear glass. The waitress recommended the Chicken and Waffles and the Greek Breakfast Pizza. Since I never had Chicken and Waffles before, it seemed like a good opportunity to cross it off my bucket list. The Chicken and Waffles are a tasty homemade waffle topped with southern-fried chicken tenders, country sausage chicken gravy, three bacon strips and syrup. It's probably the most unhealthy thing I've eaten other than deep dish pizza. It was worth the one-time experience though. I never understood the obsession with this southern breakfast dish but it is SO good. I have never been so satisfied after brunch before. The combination of sweet and savory was spot on. 

My Noni ordered the "Elvis" Waffle, Belgian waffle topped with fresh banana, peanut butter cream, three bacon strips, whipped cream and served with syrup. I didn't try it but she loved it. This was the one restaurant I was nervous about taking her to because I wasn't sure how she'd feel about it but surprisingly, it was her favorite! She wished we had gone there more than once and so do I. Everything we had was delicious and there were so many other things on the menu I wish I could try. We took home a few jumbo muffins including a blueberry and chocolate chocolate chip. If you have the chance to visit One World Cafe, you must. You won't find anything better in central Illinois.