Hello, Dallas! The Best View, 5 Neighborhoods Not To Be Missed & More

Known for doing everything bigger and better, Texas is one of my favorite places to visit in the United States. Everyone is so friendly, the cities are absolutely beautiful and I never find it hard to have a good time. There is so much to do that even in my two weeks visiting, I still have a list of what I need to go back and discover. However, I did complete my share of research before the trip and managed to fit as much in as I possibly could. From big, fat, juicy burgers to home-style cooking, I ate more than I probably should have, drank way too much coffee and found hidden treasures that are only discoverable on foot. Before we get into the nitty gritty details, let's take a second and go through some of the basics.

5 Neighborhoods That Are Not To Be Missed
Bishop Arts District
The Bishop Arts District is a small neighborhood southwest of downtown Dallas that is in a period of growth and change, otherwise known as "up and coming." It has plenty of boutique shops, restaurants, cafes and more. It's worth a day trip to just visit and explore. I spent several hours walking around, browsing shops and eating too much food. Look out for my feature on this trendy neighborhood soon.

Design District
The Design District is another new spot in Dallas and features one of the largest collections of galleries and showrooms in the U.S. The neighborhood is full of trendy restaurants and bars both locals and tourists love to step into. The neighborhood is located just West of Victory Park and slightly Northwest of downtown Dallas.

Another neighborhood to spend an afternoon or even a whole day is Knox-Henderson. The neighborhood named after two main streets that run through the area, is a trendy spot for shopping, nightlife and food. The local coffee scene is definitely something to write home about and I would definitely encourage some weekend brunching as well. Knox-Henderson is located north and slightly east of downtown Dallas.

Lower Greenville
Lower Greenville is part of the larger "Greenville" neighborhood consisting of Upper and Lower. Upper Greenville is more residential and family-friendly with restaurants and shopping for everyone. Lower Greenville is a much more trendy and happening area with plenty of bars, restaurants and clubs. They're most famous for their rooftop scene which is quite arguably the best in Dallas. Lower Greenville is located just north of Knox-Henderson, north and slightly east of downtown Dallas.

Potentially my favorite neighborhood in Dallas (the one I would definitely live in), Uptown and Cityplace are a must visit. From trendy, craft coffee shops to great shopping and incredible food, these neighborhoods are home to McKinney Avenue, the "main street" of the area with plenty to see and do. I spent a whole day in this neighborhood and am still dying to go back for more. Uptown and Cityplace are located just north of downtown Dallas. 

The Best View Of Dallas
All of the Dallas neighborhoods have something spectacular to offer, unique to each of them but I have to tell you about this amazing experience I received at Reunion Tower with arguably the best view of Dallas. Reunion Tower is located right by Union Station with easy accessibility, home to the Hyatt Regency Dallas, Five Sixty Restaurant (a Wolfgang Puck restaurant) and the Geo-Deck. I had the opportunity to visit the Geo-Deck just before sunset and honestly, my timing couldn't have been more perfect. 

The Geo-Deck is more than just a beautiful 360 degree view of the city of Dallas. It provides interactive activities for guests both local and visitors to experience Dallas unlike anywhere else. You can learn about history, events and so much through these enormous touch screens they have located around the entire space. They also have a concession area with delicious snacks from Cloud Nine Cafe, a shopping center downstairs with some pretty cool stuff and a photo area before the elevator on your way up to get goofy and capture your experience. 

The view of the Dallas skyline is the best part in my opinion. I watched the sun set beautifully over both the city and the surrounding towns. Maybe I just got lucky with the night I picked but the pinks and blues were breathtaking. I loved being able to see everything from a higher angle too. I was almost even with the skyline which gave me some great photos of the city and I loved being able to capture the 6th Floor Museum and grassy knoll from above. It is an incredible experience that I definitely recommend to anyone visiting Dallas or even for those of you who live there.