Holiday Gift Guides: For A Co-Worker, Mentor Or The Professional In Your Life

Today's gift guide is going to cover two types of professionals: the ones you work with and the ones in your life that are more casual like a family member or friend. Whether you're not sure what to give your mentor for Christmas or your entrepreneur of a sister is puzzling you this year, this guide will give you some ideas or at least get you thinking. Check it out!

1A: 5 Days a Week Paper Mouspad ($10 - Knock Knock) - Maximize desk space with this to-do list and mousepad in one. This is a great way of seeing your weekly to-dos at a glance and planning ahead for the next week.
2A: Building My Empire Coffee Mug ($17 - The Trendy Sparrow) - Give your startup friend some daily inspiration with this awesome mug. One of my personal favorites from The Trendy Sparrow.
3A: Clock Made From A Computer Hard Drive ($32 - pixelthis) - This is a really cool gift for the techie in your life. Have a crush on the new IT guy? Maybe it's time for a little Secret Santa...
1B: The Compendious Coffee Chart Coffee Mug ($15 - Pop Chart Lab) - Do you have a coffee addict in the office or as a friend? Give them a coffee guide right on their favorite new mug with this gem. They can try a new way of making coffee every single day!
2B: Bright Pink Emoji Minimergency Kit ($20.95) - This is the PERFECT gift for any girl who works in an office. It's the worst when you run out of tampons and desperately need one. And how about when you get a paper cut that won't stop bleeding and there are no band-aids in sight? Some things it includes are: hairspray, lip balm, clear elastics, mending kit, stain remover, deodorant towelette, pain reliever, tampon and an adhesive bandage.
3B: Sculptured Glass Business Card Holder ($24.95 - Glass Works Limited) - If there's someone in the office who is a super networker or you have a networking savvy friend, give this to them for Christmas. They'll always have business cards at ready when they're in a rush to get to their next event.
1C: Succulent & Planter ($8.50 - The Red Lily Shop) - For the green thumb or someone who needs a calming presence at their desk, this is a great gift. This is also good for someone that you just have no idea what to get. It's platonic and there are no "hidden" messages people can take from it. Perfect for a higher up or new co-worker you got in the grab bag.
2C: To Do Pad ($6.99 - Knock Knock) - Lists were never more fun to create with one of many notepads from Knock Knock. Check off those daily to-dos with this super organized pad. It's one of my personal favorites.
3C: Triple C Power Card Ultra Thin Charger ($36 - Anthropologie) - For the pro always on the go, keep their phones charged with this chic on-the-go charger. Mine does not look this awesome.