Holiday Gift Guides: Time To Get Ridiculous

This final gift guide is by far my favorite. It's all the stuff you see while shopping that makes you laugh but you don't buy it because it's ridiculous. It's all the things you wish you could give someone but think better of it. However, I guarantee the receiver of these gifts will be so thankful for the knee slapping laugh that they won't even care. I know the 50 Farts from last year are going to be hard to top but I think we can do it. 

1A: 50 Jobs Worse Than Yours ($16 - Paper Source) - Feel bad about your career? Not anymore. This book will explain in detail why your job is certainly not the worst...unless of course you have one of the jobs they mention.
2A: The Official BS Button ($9.45 - Amazon) - Keep this handy. Anytime someone blatantly likes or does something ridiculous, hit the button. Don't even say anything. Just hit the button and watch them either A) walk away in shame or B) freak out on you at which point you just keep hitting the button.
3A: Butt Station Tape Dispenser, Pen & Memo Holder, Paper Clip Storage ($13.34 - Amazon) - This is the most ridiculous desk organizer I have ever seen and it's awesome. What a great gag gift for the office. 
4A: Complaint Sticky Note ($3.99 - Off the Wagon) - Have something to complain about that needs action? Here is your non-awkward way of dealing with it.
1B: Dammit Doll ($14.95 - Paper Source) - A weird looking doll designed specifically for you to throw around and abuse when you're having one of those awful days. 
2B: Emoji Poo Pillow ($14.95 - Paper Source) - Because who doesn't want a poo emoji pillow?
3B: Banana Flask (20 - Urban Outfitters) - This is hilarious. What a great way to call attention to yourself when your trying to sneak a drink.
4B: FARTS: A Spotter's Guide ($15.95 - Paper Source) - Never get blamed for farts again. This guide will lead to the emitter of farts so you know who is the stinky culprit. The goofy gift guide would be nothing without a poop related gift.
1C: Good Morning A-Hole Mug ($15.95 - Paper Source) - Start with the blank side facing forward. As soon as someone comes up to you to talk before you're ready, slowly turn it with the words towards them and watch their reaction. I want this mug just to try it out.
2C: Pooping Reindeer ($6.95 - Paper Source) - You cannot tell me that you wouldn't have a good laugh if you unwrapped this on Christmas. How ridiculous!
3C: Things You Do That Really Piss Me Off Pad ($6.99 - Knock Knock) - Take your frustrations out on paper. Check off as many as you need to and deliver weekly...or daily if that person is your number one annoyance.
4C: WTF Nifty Notes ($4.50 - Knock Knock) - I feel like we all need something like this in our lives. Do you agree?