Staying Motivated At Work During The Holidays

The holidays are the worst time for productivity. The last thing you want to do while all the Christmas decorations are up and mom is making batch after batch of cookies is wake up early and go to work. However, life must go on even during the merriest time of year. To help get you back to being motivated, I have a few tips for you to stay on track as well as a few reasons why you should want to. Don't close that browser just yet! I have very valid reasons and most of them I'm betting you'll enjoy.

Why You Should Want To Be Motivated
1. The faster you get your to-do list accomplished, the faster you can run home to your fuzzy socks, hot chocolate and Christmas tree.
2. You have presents to buy. No work = No money. That is a very stressful Christmas for all.
3. The more productive you are now, the less catching up you'll have to do after the holidays. The only thing worse than having to work during the holidays is all the catching up you have to do in the new year when you hit the post-holiday blues. 
4. As much as you love mom's cookies, I'm sure you don't want to spend the entire month of December with her. Working during the week gives you the get out of jail free card because everyone needs to make a living.

How To Get Motivated
1. Set baby goals for each day of the week and larger goals for the end of each week. For each goal that you accomplish, award yourself with something. Maybe the baby goals win a different Christmas movie at night with a glass of wine and the weekly goal wins getting off work early on Friday. Setting awards for goals will kick in the motivation before you know it.
2. Manage expectations. Nothing kills motivation than an overflow of assignments. If you cannot make the overflow of requests coming in happen, tell your boss or client upfront rather than trying to get it all done in a frenzy. The only worse thing than having too much work to do is having to redo it from not doing it well or right the first time.
3. To-Do Lists! Create a to-do list with three columns: one for must do right now tasks, one for must do this week tasks and one for can get to later tasks. Only concentrate on the must do. Simplifying your workload will not overwhelm you like seeing everything you need to do for the next six weeks. That's just terrifying.

AND MOST OF ALL...remember Christmas is coming in 17 days. Whether you only get that long weekend or you're taking some time off, a break is in sight. There is a light at the end of the tunnel! Grab a Christmas cookie, heat up some hot chocolate and let your Christmas freak flag fly. Nothing feels better than embracing a season and time that you love. And when you're happy, the motivation will come freely.