14 Days To A Healthier You

A few week's ago, I was offered the opportunity to try a 14-day program designed to motivate people who are constantly on the go, busy professionals or simply too self-conscious to go to the gym to get on track and lead a healthier lifestyle. It's called "14 Days To Fit" and was designed by Mariah Secrest-Comer. Mariah was formerly a fundraiser for the American Cancer Society and started Elevate Mobile Fitness after realizing how much of chronic disease deaths could be avoided by diet and exercise. After receiving certification as a personal fitness trainer and yoga instructor, Mariah chose to close the gap between what we know about fitness and nutrition and what we're actually doing about it. Elevate Mobile Fitness is an online fitness company for busy professionals who want to bring exercise and good nutrition into their busy lives.

You know that I have been trying to get on a healthier track for maybe about a year now. I've had a lot of ups and downs, lots of curveballs life has thrown at me and the coming and going of motivation. I really need something to work and I honestly believe the 14-day program is a great start. Why? Because it's not restricting you from anything and it's not forcing you to do burpees (my least favorite thing in the world). It's more like a voice of encouragement while you get your life together. At least that's how it was for me.

The 14 Days To Fit Lifestyle Jumpstart is a two-week motivational program. The free version includes short motivational videos emailed to you daily for two weeks. The Premium Version which I got to try gives you instant access to all 14 motivational videos plus daily text message workout reminders, a full-length workout video and two special video trainings on the topics of "Fast-Tracking Healthy Meal-Planning and Prep" and "Eating Healthy on the Go." I meal plan dinners but breakfast and lunch are often up in the air and poorly executed. I also mindlessly snack sometimes and I know there have to be healthier options than the bag of chips I can't seem to keep my hand out of. Mariah has great tips to find a balance and bring a little more structure and organization into your life not only with fitness, but also nutrition.

In case you're still wondering what the heck this program is, let me simplify. For two weeks, you will have a video to watch on a variety of topics under 5 minutes long each day. From accountability, to personal goal setting, nutrition and breaking fat loss myths, Mariah takes the struggle out of your brain and simplifies things for you. Don't feel like you have time for a 20-minute cardio session? Wrong. That time you spent on Facebook this morning liking pictures of your BFF's dog could have been spent towards a workout. Think there are no good options when you eat out? Wrong again. Lots of restaurants now have skinny or low-calorie menus that include tasty dishes with half the calories. Adding in exercise to your regular routine has countless benefits, one of them being job improvement but more importantly personal satisfaction. Each day, Mariah will conquer a question, a topic and a concern you might have when it comes to finding a healthier lifestyle. 

Why this works? It basically annihilates all your excuses. Work, time, energy...there really isn't a good enough excuse to not take care of yourself. You have one body, might as well make the most of it because I don't know about you but I want to live a long and healthy life. 

Sign up for the free version of 14 Days to Fit and see what results you get out of it. If you like it, you always have the option to upgrade to Premium. For me, I've built a weekly gym routine and have committed to classes so I don't back out. I'm also being more conscious about my breakfast and lunch while going for something that comes from the earth rather than a foil bag for a snack. What's best? If I ever start losing inspiration, I have these videos to return to because of the Premium version. Just because you complete the two-weeks doesn't mean you can't return when things get rough.