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Making Your Bedroom A Place To Escape

With all the million ways for people to get a hold of you these days, sometimes you just need to unplug and unwind. Unplugging has been on my mind a lot lately. I hardly know a time when I'm not on the computer or looking at my phone or tablet. It really starts to take a toll on you. With that said, it's important to have a place at home to escape. The ideal spot for this is the bedroom. Why? Because this is where you sleep and your sleep space needs to be distraction free, stress free and honestly anything negative free. To create this "oasis" of sorts, I've put together a list of tips to help create a peaceful space yourself. 

1. Set the mood with lighting. Harsh or bright lighting in the morning or when you're feeling rather stressed can make you feel cranky or worse than you already do. Natural lighting is always best but for those who might not have a window in their room or for when it gets dark out, picking out lamps with dimming lamp shades or using candles in place of electricity can help do the trick. If you're too nervous with an open flame, there are battery run candles that can be quite convincing and do the trick.

2. Use rugs. I personally do not enjoy a hard floor in my bedroom. Waking up to a plush place to put your feet is something I took for granted before moving off to college. Not only are rugs comfy, they're also great for mood boosters. Insert a calming effect with a blue or purple rug. Bring in energy with a green, orange or yellow one. Mix up the colors to put yourself in a good mood. Whatever floats your boat.

3. Use a scent that calms you. You know that smell at Christmas time when your mom or grandma would bake cookies? You know the smell of salty water and sand when you first walk up to the beach? How about fall? You know exactly what I'm talking about. Scent is one of the greatest senses (not to rank them) because it's tied very strongly to memory. I love smelling cinnamon and pumpkin, anything that reminds me of fall and the holidays. I also like subtle beach scents like Pink Sands from Yankee Candles. Having whatever scent makes you smile or just take a deep breath is something you should make a staple for your bedroom. Whether you make it happen through candles or waxes or sprays, make it so that whenever you walk into your room, you're instantly relaxed because of the smell.

4. Minimize color. If you're creating a peaceful space, the last thing to do is go crazy with color. Keep it simple. Use neutral tones with pops of color here and there. If your room is already a more intense color (like mine) balance it out with neutral colors everywhere else. Something I've been meaning to invest in is a bedspread that's creamy white. 

5. Keep technology out. This is by far the most important and the most tricky. Sometimes it can seem impossible to have a room completely tech-free. My bedroom also currently subs as my office so all my tech is stored there. I could dedicate an entire post to this one but to keep it short, here are a few tips to take the tech down a notch (or five). A) Turn off all electronics before bed. If you refuse to turn off your phone, use the Quiet Hours feature and turn it screen side down so you can't see any lights go off. B) Turn off the computer at least a half hour before sleep. Read a book, meditate...just keep your eyes off any screens. C) Don't bring unnecessary tech into the room. Leave the tablets and other knick knacks out. D) Leave the TV to another room. Couches are quite comfortable. Lay on one of those as you binge. Netflix 

Overall, it is possible to make your bedroom an escape. It's just including the right pieces and keeping a few certain things out. Once you find what works for you, stick to it. Let me know if you have any tips to create a more peaceful space in the comments or send me a shout out on Twitter or Facebook.

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