Hana at the Westin Happy Hour with the Windy City Bloggers

For one of the recent Windy City Blogger happy hours, we had the opportunity to sip some cocktails and try a few bites from Hana at the Westin. The staff was friendly and the outdoor patio has a beautiful view making it a great destination for casual dinners or happy hour.  I love the WCBC events because it's great meeting up with other bloggers and seeing what they have going on. It's even better when food and cocktails are involved. 

Upon arriving, I was greeted warmly by staff and almost immediately had their sangria in my hand (which was quite delicious by the way). The weather was beautiful, something that can be very rare in Chicago summers. They were serving a number of appetizers, some of them out of my comfort zone that I'm proud to admit I loved. I wasn't able to grab all of the names but these three were my absolute faves.

Brussels Sprouts with Lemon Oil
This was incredibly light but delicious. The flavors were well-balanced and the shaved brussels sprouts an interesting twist. I definitely wouldn't mind if someone served me a full bowl of these guys. I have never enjoyed brussels sprouts so much before.

Fava Bean and Blue Cheese Crostini
Crostinis are some of my favorite appetizers because you can make ten different kinds, have two of each and be satisfied. There's so much variety to them. These were an interesting combination. The fava bean paste is very light in flavor, almost bland but it balanced the strength of the blue cheese and the sweetness of the cherry or raisins very nicely. I'm not quite sure what the fruit on top was but it was good. I typically don't like blue cheese but something about this combination did it for me. It was actually quite good!

Smoked Salmon Pastrami
Out of these three bites, this one in particular surprised me the most. I'm not a fish person, especially when it comes to salmon. I was expecting to hate this appetizer. Well...restaurants and my taste buds are continuously proving me wrong because this was arguably my favorite bite of the night. The little pancake had some kind of spread on it followed by the smoked salmon and then some kind of whipped topping. I might not know exactly what this bite consisted of but it was absolutely delicious, practically addicting. I had several. 

There were a few other bites passed around throughout the night but I didn't get the chance to grab all their names. Overall the food was tasty, the drinks refreshing and the company, as always, the best. It was a beautiful night with old friends, new friends, a gorgeous view and delectable treats. 

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