Meet Taylor

Hello Life With A Side of Coffee readers!

I’m Taylor Leddin and I am a contributing writer and former intern for LWASOC. I know that when I’m reading different blogs, I like to know a little bit about the writer which gives reading their work a bit more of a personal feel. So let me introduce myself!

First and foremost, I am a huge fan of lists. You will see this a lot in my writing and it only seems fitting to utilize it here as a way of giving you guys some information about me.

1. My lucky number is 23. Therefore, this list will include 23 facts about myself.

2. I am a senior communication major at Illinois State University.

3. I’m a HUGE fan of ‘70s music. Most of my iPod consists of Seals & Crofts, Led Zeppelin, and Peter Frampton.

4. Stemming off of that, I have been to around 50 concerts in my lifetime. The most recent being Jimmy Buffett / Huey Lewis and the News.

5. I have a 10 year-old Shih Tzu named Wrigley who is the light of my life.

6. My best friend and I have the same birthday; which is May 23rd if you were wondering.

7. I pride myself on being a bargain shopper and love telling the story of how I once got two shirts and six sweaters from Old Navy for only $20.

8. I have an older sister, an older brother, and three younger stepbrothers. Sadly, only one girl off from being The Brady Bunch.

9. I’m also a huge fan of movies with Almost Famous being my favorite.

10. For whatever reason, I am completely obsessed with John Travolta and have met him twice (I’m not a stalker, I swear).

11. I’ve also met Kevin Bacon which is exciting because it puts me one degree away from him in The Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon (which is one of the only games I’m good at, by the way).

12. I used to work as an extra on various TV shows and movies filmed in Chicago. The highlight being a five second close-up on my face on the short-lived series The Mob Doctor.

13. When I was 10 I became an ordained minister out of sheer boredom.

14. I dabble in freelance work with social media management and blog writing.

15. My favorite food is a pretzel from the mall.

16. One of my few talents includes being able to quote the entire movie Clueless.

17. I went through a phase in high school where I thought whales were the coolest thing. My mom “adopted” one for me as a birthday gift.

18. I once wrote a book where each chapter was a crazy conversation between myself and a random company or entity. For example, I reached out to the U.S. Treasury about potentially getting my face on a piece of currency. Surprisingly, I was turned down.

19. Like our girl, Christine, I am also an advocate for coffee. My favorite is a caramel-swirl iced coffee with cream and sugar from Dunkin Donuts. Of course, I have to go between 3 and 6 p.m. because I’m not a Rockefeller.

20. My favorite holiday is Thanksgiving, first off because the food is amazing. Also because my family has a tradition called “Turkey of the Year” where we do a rundown of the dumbest things everyone has done throughout the year. Whoever has done the craziest thing gets a trophy.

21. I collect celebrity autographs as well as vinyl albums.

22. Los Angeles is my favorite place in the world, thus far.

23. Je parle un peu de français. (I’m currently avoiding studying for an exam by writing this).