Choosing Colors For Your Home

It may not seem like a big deal, but the colors you use in each room of the house can actually make a difference in the mood it promotes. For example, did you know that orange and red help with appetite? Or that yellow is associated with creativity but also can promote frustration? We did a little research on how colors effect moods and used that information to assign them each to a room in the home. Let us know if you agree.

Bathroom - Grey
Painting a room grey provides a bit of sophistication and if you ask us, the bathroom could use all the help it can get for obvious reasons. Grey is also proven to provide a sense of neutrality and calmness which is perfect to get that relaxing feel you might experience at a spa. That sounds pretty good for a nice relaxing bubble bath, don't you think?

Bedroom - Blue
Blue is a great color for the bedroom because it helps you relax and rest easy. Different shades of blue will give the room a different feel but generally speaking, this is a calming element. We prefer lighter shades or an accent wall with a navy blue. 

Dining Room - Orange
We're guessing you want your guests to feel hungry when you host a dinner party. Well, the color orange helps stimulate appetite making it perfect for the dining room. If you're like us and aren't feeling a bright, neon orange, tone it down with a more rustic orange or maybe a more subtle shade. You can even create an accent wall with a burnt or neon shade and use browns and other earthy accents in your decor rather than going full on with the color.

Family Room - Brown
Keep it casual in the family room with earthy tones. Browns and other warm neutrals give the space a cozy feel perfect for game days and holidays. If you like using accents in your decor, browns tone them downs so they're not as striking. We love brown for the family room because it keeps it easy to make little tweaks to the decor. A little purple for spring, some blue for winter...the sky is the limit!

Kitchen - Yellow
Inspire your creativity with yellow walls in the kitchen. Apparently yellow is associated with creativity and optimism which can help make a space feel livelier. Try not to get too bright with the colors so it doesn't feel like you stepped onto the sun. Instead, use pastels or buttery yellows for warmth. If you're not a fan of yellow, try incorporating blues. Yellow and blue together can help create a happy atmosphere.

Living Room - Purple
Purple is often associated with royalty, or in layman's terms, sophistication and elegance. Purple is a great color this works well with many others. There are many different tones as well. For example, you can have a purple with more blue in it or more red. Find the balance that works best for you and paint your living room walls with it. The color will give the space a more luxurious feel and it also helps promote relaxation. The lighter the shade, the more tranquil the atmosphere. With that said, using lavender in the bedroom wouldn't be a bad choice either. 

Office - Green
Create a balance of calm and energy with different shades of green in the office. Green can promote a calming environment or it can provide a more energetic environment. Use light or dark greens for a calming feel and brighter shades for energy. Create an interesting mix by painting a dark green on an accent wall and incorporating little pops of bright green throughout the rest of your space. Find what works best for you.