2016 Travel Goals

2015 was a great start to the traveling I've always dreamed about doing. There are hundreds of adventures I want to take and I'm hoping to only increase my amount of travel in 2016. Last week I reviewed where I've been so far and this week I'm going to share where I hope to go in this new year. Travel teaches us so much. It gives us a new perspective on new things, it gives us energy, it opens our minds to different cultures and experiences, it pushes us out of our comfort zone and so much more. Tell me in the comments below where you want to travel to this year.

Road Trips!
My goal is to take two different road trips this year. I haven't quite decided where but I've always loved the idea of a road trip and finding gems along the way. I'm not sure if I want the trips to be destination based or themed so I'm thinking about doing one of each. Let me know if you have any recommendations for me to consider because right now it's a blank canvas. I've been thinking about keeping them in the Midwest so I can spend a little more time at the destinations but I'm not opposed to going farther out into the states. 

Washington D.C. 
Luckily I have a cousin who lives in D.C. and I've been planning to visit her for a while now. I love Washington for a lot of reasons but on the top of that list is the history. I've been once before and I have a mile long list of places I want to return to and experience for the first time. I might take a trip up the coast to visit some other family in Connecticut but we'll see what happens. 

Dallas/Fort Worth
I know that I was just there but I love these cities so much and I have a goal to visit my family down there annually. It's up in the air whether I'll do another fall visit or wait till after the holidays but regardless, I'm excited to explore all the places I didn't have a chance to go while I visited this last time. There is so much to do in both cities that it's impossible not to find something new. 

New Orleans
I've wanted to visit New Orleans for a really long time. Something about the culture down there really calls to me and I am dying for some local eats. I'd never be able to handle NOLA in the heat of summer so I'm thinking about visiting during a down season in the wintertime.