3 Tips To Surviving the Post-Holiday Blues

It's been one week since most people have been back at work since the holidays and now is about the time when things start to get ugly. New year resolutions lose their excitement, the good holiday feelings are wearing off and we're all just chugging along to the same beat in a year with a different number. The post-holiday blues are real. Christmas is many people's favorite time of year, including mine, and having to move forward with it only a few weeks behind is depressing. I don't know about you but motivation becomes hard to find and that cheerfulness that was so easy to spread isn't there anymore. 

Now that I have successfully depressed you, let's reverse that and bring the cheer back in again. Christmas is a state of mind more than anything else. We're in cheerful moods during the holiday because we love that time of year. We look forward to dinners and gift giving and seeing people we haven't seen in months. Who says all of that is exclusive to Christmas? I'll be honest, no time of the year will ever be like Christmas because it's just magical but we can take some of the best parts and insert them into our everyday life. Here's how:

1. Pick up the phone and give your cousin in another state a call. You might not be able to afford to see each other in person more than one time a year but you can have a phone call whenever you'd like. You can even video chat and see each other. Don't let Christmas ending be an excuse to let relationships go. 

2. Create something new to anticipate. One of the best parts of Christmas is the anticipation for the actual day. Create that for yourself by setting little date nights or celebrations each month. You can also use this as a way to stick to your new year resolutions by making that special day a celebration for achieving a goal. If you vow to workout three days each week, schedule a treat for yourself like a spa day if you meet that goal after one month. Have a monthly girls' night and do a secret admirer gift swap. Create something to anticipate and you'll have something to look forward to just like at Christmas.

3. Host a family dinner once a month. Another great thing about Christmas is spending time with family. The annual holiday should not be the only day you do this. Family is a constant in our lives so it's easy to take advantage but we should be trying to keep family close the hardest out of anyone else. So if you have the availability, start hosting a monthly family dinner. Catch up on each others' lives and spend time together over good food. 

How are you surviving the post holiday blues?