Blogging Goals For 2016

Happy New Year! With the first official post of 2016, I felt it was appropriate to share my goals for Lattes, Life, & Luggage in the new year. 2015 was a year full of change for the blog, for my personal life and for my career. There were a lot of transitions that took time and where at times it might have seemed counterproductive, it's all been for a larger purpose that I'm very excited about.

Now that Lattes, Life, & Luggage is where I want it to be with its design and content, I'm ready to just run with it in 2016. I had to focus on a lot of decision making and technical details throughout the last year and now I can have fun with the content. I can have fun creating the content, following through with the content and getting really creative with everything. There will be several new things coming up starting in the next few months I'm very excited about and it will only get better from there. 

But for now, I've listed a few personal goals for Lattes, Life, & Luggage that I'm hoping to accomplish in this beautiful  new year. What are your blogging goals for 2016?