Cooking With Stanley Week 46

Preparing the meal for Cooking With Stanley this week was a long process but 100% worth it. Both dishes were filling and both were delicious. The dessert was also incredible even though I'm pretty sure I screwed it up somehow. In the thick of winter, it's always nice to have big meals that make you want to take a nap every once in a while. This is one of them.

Vegetable Tart
(Not So) Green Lasagna
Traditional Flaky Cake with Marscapone Sauce

Feed Me! She loves sweets.

Feed Me! She loves sweets.

The Vegetable Tart could have been made in a sheet pan or a spring form pan (something I've had on my list to pick up at the store for a while now). Instead, I made it in a casserole dish because I was too nervous to make it on a baking sheet. It just didn't make sense to me how that would work out. The filling is relatively simple to make. It's just a lot of vegetables cooking on the stove for a while to soften. This tart can easily be a meal on its own. If it were made thinner, it could pass for a side or little snack but this deep dish, vegetable pie (that's basically what it is) was heavy and filling but delicious. There was so much flavor. Who knew vegetables could be so well-rounded.

Stanley has a recipe for Green Lasagna. Instead of all traditional noodles, it uses green noodles made from spinach. Well, two stores later I still couldn't find the green noodles. So I just made a typical cheese lasagna. That's basically what this recipe is. It's freaking good regardless of the noodles you use. It's cheesy and rich. The sauce has a ton of flavor and an extra punch of vegetables. 

When a cake is supposed to come out light and fluffy but instead it comes out dense, the first thing would be to assume you did something wrong. I swear I followed the directions exactly for the Traditional Flaky Cake but it didn't fluff up and it was definitely not light. It was closer to the consistency of a pound cake. I'm not complaining. It was delicious regardless of whatever I did wrong but my cake did not match the cake in the photo. The Marscapone Sauce was a nice little sweet touch at the end. This cake is also delicious with ice cream on top, especially as it gets older.

Come back next week for a traditional Roman dish, a comforting winter soup and tasty sweet treat!