Cooking With Stanley Week 47

The best part of preparing meals for Cooking With Stanley is getting my family together for a weekly dinner. I love how they've been as committed to this project for the past year as I have even though their only job is to eat the food I spend sometimes an entire day preparing. It's been an amazing experience and I'm kind of sad to see it in its final weeks. Before we call it a wrap, we still have several great meals to look forward to. One of them being today's menu.

Potato and Cabbage Soup
Roman Style Meatloaf
Potato Salad

I'm pretty sure the Potato and Cabbage Soup is basically a "poor man's meal." It includes veggies, water and some spices. It's simple to prepare and turns out to be very comforting. This is a great appetizer for a cold winter night which is exactly what we were having when I made this. Hello, negative degrees.  

The Roman Style Meatloaf was much different. Not only did it take a long time to prepare, it took a lot of ingredients and patience. Instead of using lamb, I used ground pork and for some reason, I had a heck of a time getting the meat to cook all the way through. I had to baked it for much longer than the instructed time. It was incredibly delicious though and makes 2 large loaves. So now we have one in the freezer ready for a night when I'm not planning to cook. I call that a win!

The Potato Salad was also fairly simple to prepare. I used two baking potatoes (by accident instead of four) and cut them into about 1-2 inch chunks. I really liked the dressing that this recipe uses but my papa was not a huge fan. We've also discovered through leftovers that this potato salad is much better warmed. Just a tip in case you ever try it yourself.

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