How To Jump Start Your Morning

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I'm not a morning person. I'm sure I've mentioned this a few dozen times by now but it's still the truth. It used to take me a solid hour to be in a public-facing mood but I've managed to decrease my amount of wake up time by having a constant routine I go through whether it's Monday or Saturday. It's a way for me to jump start my morning and get ready for the day. Besides preparing me for human interaction, it also gets my body ready for the day since one of the steps in my routine is to eat breakfast. I cannot make it in the morning without food. Sometimes I don't have a huge appetite but I always have to eat something or I'll get woozy and even more cranky which is never a good thing from me in the morning. So to win your morning, I've decided to share my morning routine with you guys so you can see what the first hour or so looks like in my life.

How To Jump Start Your Morning

1. Wake up. Lay in bed for 15 more minutes inwardly complaining about having to wake up and finally roll out of bed. 

2. Go to the bathroom and do whatever I need to in there. If I start making myself presentable, the chances of me going back to sleep are much less.

3. Make my bed. I cannot get through the day without a neat bed. I've tested this one out and went without making my bed a few times. I failed miserably at life. I can't get productive. I crawl back in thinking I'll just work from my pillow and nothing good ever comes from it. There's something spectacular about a made bed even if the rest of the room is a disaster.

4. Make breakfast. My appetite in the morning bounces all over the place. Sometimes I want a giant breakfast with all the fixings, other days I want something simple. There are often days that I've overslept or I'm running late and I need something to grab and run. That's where belVita comes in. belVita breakfast biscuits are delicious and easy for a quick morning. There are also a ton of varieties to choose from which is always a plus in my book. Two of my personal favorites are the Chocolate bites and Cinnamon Brown Sugar. I've even got my 12-year old cousin munching on belVita lately and he's the pickiest eater. 

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Some mornings I'll eat breakfast while watching a little TV, others I'll just get a head start on my work. Regardless, I always eat something. It's amazing what curing a rumbling stomach can do to your mood. belVita Breakfast Biscuits are a great solution when you don't have a huge morning appetite or don't feel like cooking something (me 90% of the time). They're ideal for on the go too: no clean-up, no dishes, no fuss. Find them at Meijer in the cookie and cracker aisle and you'll be on your way to a belVita Morning Win. Shop for them at one of Meijer's many locations and you'll be in for a #MeijerMorningWin too.

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