Holiday Gift Guides: For The Chef Part 2

Being a foodie and the main cook in my house, the gift of a few meals is right up my alley. The thought of not having to hit the grocery store for a week thrills me. I'm sure many of you can understand. The second part of our gift guide for the chef features two more meal subscription services that are each exceptional. Both are available for 2 servings or family-sized and offer a range of meals for any diet or preference. So, give the gift of one less stop to the grocery store and a few delicious weeknight dinners.

*Lattes, Life & Luggage received products included in this gift guide complimentary for an honest review. No additional compensation was received.

Hello Fresh is a meal subscription service delivering healthy recipes straight to your door. Available for 2 or 4 people anywhere from 2 to 5 nights per week, each meal includes a step-by-step recipe card with photos and pre-portioned ingredients so all you need to worry about is getting dinner on the table. Choose from 10 different meals to fit your dietary needs and preference. A perk from Hello Fresh is that each meal has it's own smaller box within the package you receive. It makes for easy storage in the fridge until it comes time to cook and everything you need is in one place already organized. See below for three meals I was able to enjoy with my family.

Chicken Paillard with Chimichurri, Sweet Potato Wedges and Salad: This was a light meal but hardly lacking in flavor. The chimichurri and sweet potato wedges really made this dish shine. It's a fantastic weeknight dinner taking hardly any time to repair. The potatoes roast in the oven and the chicken sears quickly on the stove. I can guarantee, you'll be fighting over who gets the last sweet potato wedge. 

Jamie's Shrimp & Rice Salad with Fresh Herbs, Green Beans & Soy: Hello Fresh teamed up with Jamie Oliver to make home cooking fun, delicious and healthy. Each week, Jamie creates a new recipe for subscribers to choose from and the week we were treated to a box, it happened to be this shrimp and rice salad. Now, you all know I'm not the biggest seafood person and I am fairly certain I have a shellfish allergy. So, as far as the shrimp is concerned, I'll take it on someone else's good word that it was tasty. However, that salad was the real star. A very large bowl with some leftover chicken made my dinner and I was eating it for lunch days later. I have never loved rice so much in my life.

Coffee Rubbed Steak Tacos with Black Beans and Lime Crema: Put anything in a taco in my house and it's a hit. I just recently started experimenting with coffee in cooking and I have to say, these people are on to something. It adds an extra depth of flavor that you're not expecting. Some sauteed red peppers, a little lime and you've got yourself one tasty taco.

Home Chef
Home Chef, by far, has the most options weekly out of all of the subscriptions mentioned throughout both gift guides for the chef. On top of their regular weekly meal subscription, they also offer smoothie and fruit add-ons as well as premium meals for special occasions. Meals cost $9.95 per portion and you can view the menus up to five weeks in advance in case you're a plan ahead type of person. We had the chance to try two tasty meals with Home Chef and I'm still dreaming of one in particular.

Beef Meatball Bourguignon with Cremini Mushrooms and Buttered Egg Noodles: Where do I start? The noodles, the gravy, the meatballs, the mini pearl onions? Every single part of this dish was spectacular. I will definitely be replicating this meal, especially since it was a hit with the pickiest eater in my house. That's a huge accomplishment.

Mesquite Chicken with Loaded Potato Wedges: This was a simple meal to prepare. The chicken cooks up quickly starting on the stove and transferring to the oven halfway through the potatoes' cooking time. As great as the chicken was, that mesquite flavor was something to write home about, the loaded potato wedges really took the cake. I might have saved some chicken for later just to indulge in a few extra wedges.

Are you a chef or a foodie? What's on your wish list this Christmas?