Avoiding A Work Slump When It's Gloomy & Cold

Hello February. Even though this month includes Valentine's Day which is supposed to be a lovely time, I feel like anyone can make a good argument that it has the worst weather out of any month in the year. It's dreary and cold, usually wet or frozen and the only thing you want to do all day is snuggle in a warm, fuzzy blanket with Netflix or a good book. Oh yeah, and a steaming cup of coffee. Needless to say, working is not appealing at all no matter what profession you're in. Am I right? 

Now, it would be freaking awesome if we could lay on the couch snuggling with our furry friends all day but alas, we need money. At least I do. So I've had to come up with a few ways to get out of that work slump and beat the gloom. Feel free to implement these into your own life or go on back to your wonderful world of snuggles and warm blankets. Just know, I am extremely jealous of you. 

1. Keep your home/office at a reasonable temperature. Too cold and you'll be running for the throw blanket and Criminal Minds marathon. Too hot and you won't be able to concentrate. You really have to find that happy medium for you that leaves you feeling comfortable enough to get work down without getting sleepy from heat or put you into hibernation mode. 

2. Snack on protein-filled snacks. If you eat sugary, carb-loaded foods it's easy to crash. Crashing leads to sleepiness and nap-inducing behavior. Don't fall victim. Eat snacks that are instead heavy in protein and fiber to stay energized longer and avoid that plummet. 

3. Get out. Nothing starts my morning on a more productive note than when I go somewhere first, usually to the chiropractor and then Starbucks for a latte with an extra shot or two. Sometimes getting out of the house/office for even just 15 minutes can work wonders.

4. Use brighter decor. Don't perpetuate the gloom of outside by replicating it inside. Decorate your desk and wall space with colorful images and items. They're proven to boost your mood. If your work space is as gloomy as the outside world, it's not going to motivate you to work. 

5. Create a list and establish a reward. Create an attainable to-do list and an end goal. If you have some kind of prize or reward waiting at the end of your to-do list (perhaps the snuggling and comfy blanket), you're more likely to accomplish everything you need. Hopefully even with time to spare!

These tips really do work, I can speak from experience. However, at the end of the day sometimes you just need a mental health day. If nothing is happening for you and your work load isn't extreme, just call it an afternoon and spend the rest of it on the couch with the furbabies sipping coffee (or wine) and watching SVU marathons because, some days you just don't want to adult.