5 Things I'd Still Like To See & Do In Dallas

Fitting in as much as you'd like while traveling is much easier said than done. I had all of these goals where I wanted to stop in Dallas and restaurants I wanted to try. If doubling yourself was an option, I would have done it...possibly even tripled myself simply for the extra stomachs alone. I have no regrets from my last trip down south but I do have a list of places I'm dying to visit when I get back. Here are 5 things that are making the top of my to do list on my next visit.

1. Go to the 6th Floor Museum at Dealey Plaza. I've been to the grassy knoll and the spot of the assassination several times but I'm really embarrassed to say I've never actually visited the museum. I'm a total museum nerd so it's entirely unlike me but I've just never managed to make it happen. Spoiler alert...I will be heading back very soon for a quick trip so I might be able to squeeze it in. 

2. Sit in The Wild Detectives with a good read and drink in my hand. This place really left an impression on me. I was only able to step in and out of it to get a feel for the coffee bar/restaurant/lounge/book shop/beer garden but I immediately wanted to return. The next time I am able to get myself in the Bishop Arts District, I'll make sure to have a few hours on my hands with a book in hand ready for a few cappuccinos.

3. Go to a rooftop bar in Lower Greenville. Lower Greenville is supposed to have some of the best rooftop bars and views of the city in all of Dallas. I was able to pass through and go to a fantastic restaurant in Upper Greenville but when I go back, margaritas are on the agenda with live music and lots of people.

4. Walk down McKinney Avenue and walk in and out of shops. McKinney Ave in Uptown/Cityplace was my favorite neighborhood in Dallas. I could honestly see myself living there. I walked around the area as I headed over to Sip, Stir Cafe but I'd love to take more time and simply walk down the avenue. It would be a great afternoon of window shopping, munching on little things here and there.

5. Venture out of the city to McKinney, TX. Not far outside Dallas is a small city called McKinney. My cousins told me about this place which sold me immediately but after looking at photos I decided that I have to make it a priority when I next visit for a few weeks. I love visiting the places you wouldn't normally think of taking a drive to like Grapevine. I love that town and I am pumped to definitely visit it again very soon.

Do you have a list of places you want to make it to on a future trip to Dallas?