5 Health & Wellness Apps For Android

"There's an app for that" has taken on a new life the last few years. In this age of smartphones and tablets, there are dozens of apps for anything you need in life. There are apps to track steps, heartbeats, glasses of water, hours worked, hours slept. You name it, there's an app for that. We've decided to start trying out some of the apps starting with several health and wellness. Whether you're looking to make mediation a norm for yourself or you're looking to drink more water, we've tried a few apps and these are our thoughts.

Agua 21
This free app reminds you to drink 12 cups of water a day, lets you know the progress you’ve made throughout the day. I set timers to go off every 4 hours as a good reminder for a month. It was really helpful, however after a while I remembered on my own! Great for creating that habit to drink more water over a span of two weeks! 

Editor's Note: I tried a similar app titled "Water Drink Reminder" and had the same success. Once I stick to a scheduled thanks to the regular reminders, I find myself drinking much more than my usual small amount of water.

Free app that offers exactly what the name says. I really enjoyed testing this app out, and I will continue to use it daily. One feature I really appreciated was the option to select background scenery and sounds (sunny seaside with crashing waves is one selection), set a timer, and chill out for a few minutes.

It was refreshing to have an app that guided me through relaxation session. Calm is not ideal for learning meditation, but it is good for catching a few blissful moments sit silently for a few moments.

Editor's Note: I tried this app and it was an epic fail for me. I'm not sure if it was lack of sleep or just the act of closing my eyes but I found myself in desperate need of a nap afterwards. I tried it consecutively for a week and it was the same result every time. I find it completely hilarious because it relaxed me so much it literally put me to sleep. Maybe meditation is just not for me..

Health & Nutrition
Editor's Note: This is a great app if you're looking for information on different vitamins and minerals, wellness tips and things like that. They have a nutrition calculator to see how much of what you should get each day as well. I didn't find it useful enough to keep on my phone but I did enjoy reading through tips for sore throats, allergies and looking to see what foods I could get certain vitamins from.

Relax Melodies: Sleep & Yoga
Has options from oceans to rain, storm, rainy day, seaside. -creates a mix to help you fall asleep faster, helps you get in a routine when falling asleep. This free app also includes sleep articles about tips for a deep sleep! I read a few of these articles before I officially turned on my melody for the night. Mostly it made me feel guilty for the sleep I haven’t been getting recently!

Editor's Note: I've used this before and I found the melodies helpful for sleep. You can easily change up the sounds or stick with the same one that works for consistency.

This app was a bit harder to fit into my review session! It has great workouts, and explains everything, with a video of the exercise. This is great for when I know I want a core workout right away- which isn’t too often! It kept me on schedule, consistent, and most of all I did start to see results after two weeks!

Do you have any health and wellness apps that you swear by? How about a meditation app? Do you find them useful or sleep-inducing?