Cooking With Stanley 57

What better way to end an incredible journey than with a few sweets? To wrap up a long but rewarding 16 months of massive cooking, I'm sharing three desserts that you'll want to try for yourself. I know I've talked about how it's hard to imagine that Cooking With Stanley would be ending soon but now that it's over, it's more odd than I had previously imagined. Making time for family dinners each week had become a staple in my family so that I could spend the whole day cooking a lavish meal we'd have far too many leftovers from. Before I reflect too much, let's get into these desserts. There will be time for that later.

Ricotta with Fruit
Peaches & Wine

The Ricotta with Fruit reminded me of Peaches and Cream only with berries. The raspberry sauce that half this recipe consists of was delicious. It's fantastic to serve on top of cake, ice cream, anything really. I must have made a mathematical error in cutting the recipe when it came to the Ricotta because it was very thin. It didn't taste bad, it was just too much of a liquid which is why this reminded me of peaches and cream. I feel like it would have been just fine with whole berries and fruit. 

I could kick myself when it comes to the Peaches & Wine. I could have sworn I took photos of this dessert but I can't find them anywhere. The only one I have is of them on the table for Mother's Day. It turns out exactly as it sounds. Peeled and sliced peaches are soaked in wine and a little sugar for a few hours before served. I used a Grenache wine but I think it would have been even better served with a sweet red like Red Moscato. It was fantastic on top of the cake you see in the picture which is coming up in a blog post in the next few weeks. 

Tiramisu is a dessert that I love but have never attempted to make. It has several steps that are critical to how it turns out, one of which includes dunking cookies in an espresso rum mixture. Here's a tip, dunk the cookies very quick so they don't get too wet. Otherwise you'll have what I like to call drunk Tiramisu, strong but soggy. It turned out pretty good for my first try. I wish I would have grabbed better photos but I guess it wasn't in the cards for this guy.

How do these desserts sound to you? Stop by later this week to read my reflection on the entire Cooking With Stanley series and find what my favorite moments and meals were.