Bachelorette Party Gift Guide

Wedding season is in full force which means bridal showers and bachelorette parties are taking up our weekends. Whether you're planning, hosting or attending the bachelorette party, there will most likely be gifts. We've got a gift guide for the bride, the bridesmaids, guests and more. From customized wine glasses to sexy lingerie, this is your ultimate Bachelorette Party Gift Guide.

For the bride:
--> Dream Angels Bridal Robe ($59.50) - Victoria's Secret: This short, silky-smooth robe has a rhinestone graphic on back. It's great for the bride on her wedding day as she's getting ready and for any day after that. She might graduate to wife but that doesn't mean she stops being her husband's bride. (pictured: Row 2, Right)
--> Fujifilm Instax Mini 70 Camera ($149) - Urban Outfitters: This could go in the bride or bridesmaid category. If I were getting married, this would be my preferred gift on this list. Use it to take instant photos at your bachelorette party, bridal shower, wedding, honeymoon and anything else in life. The photos will be great for making collages. My friend had a small tree with clips for people to take photos at their wedding with one of these and add them to the tree. It's a great memory keepsake. (pictured: Row 1, Right)
--> The Cosmo Kama Sutra: 99 Mind-Blowing Sex Positions ($15) - Amazon: Cosmopolitan magazine is the self-proclaimed pro of sex. So who better to give your friend a book from the experts themselves. This book has 99 positions that will spice things up in bed with illustrations. This is bound to make the blushing bride, well, blush. (pictured: Row 3, Right)
--> Wifey Nighty ($20) - Wedding Chicks: A racerback tank dress that solidifies your friend's new role as a wife. Doesn't it look comfy? (pictured: Row 5, Left)

For the bridesmaids/party guests: Whether your bachelorette party is only you and your bridesmaids or extends to other friends and family, these gifts range from hilarious to practical and memorable.
--> Create a Character Wine Glasses ($30+/glass) - Jenny D's Creations: depending on the size of your party, this might be a gift specifically for the bridesmaids. I'm obsessed with them. Each wineglass is personalized to who you are giving it to and includes a character imitation of them and their name. (pictured: Row 5, Right)
--> Hangover Kit Favor Bags ($18.50+ per 10 kits) - AlfandNoop: These handmade favor bags are the perfect gift for bachelorette party guests. Fill it with aspirin, sanitizing wipes, makeup remover pads, bobby pins and ponytail holders. You know? The stuff that you are dying for when you wake up after a night drinking too much. Too bad a fresh cup of strong coffee isn't an option. (pictured: Row 2, Left)
--> He Popped the Question/We're Poppin' Bottles Bachelorette Party Tank Tops ($23/shirt) - BridalRave: These are the coolest tank tops for a bachelorette party. They're available in a bunch of different colors so you can go with a theme if that's your thing. (pictured: Row 4, Right)
--> I Kissed A Stripper Organza Favor Bag Set ($4.00/bag) - House of Bachelorette: There is nothing fantastic about what comes in this set but it's hilarious nonetheless. Each bag comes with a lip balm, hand sanitizer (which will probably come in handy) and a pink band light up ring. (pictured: Row 4, Left)

Lingerie: I couldn't write a gift guide for a bachelorette party without including lingerie. These options are sexy and (hopefully) seem comfortable. 
--> Chantelle Intimates 'Opera' Bra, Thong & Garter Waist Cincher ($110) - Nordstrom: I love this intimates set. It's sexy yet sophisticated and can be worn on an every day basis rather than just once. (pictured: Row 1, Left)
--> Flora Nikrooz 'Showstopper' Chemise ($112) - Nordstrom: Feminine and sexy, this chemise comes in three styles so you can play the vixen or sophisticated lady. (pictured: Row 3, Left)