Embracing My Inner European Through French Cooking

Ever feel like you were meant to be born somewhere else? I've mentioned a few times how I never felt so at home than with the French people. Paris 2012 was an honest to God, life-changing experience. I fell in love with the culture, the food and everything it meant to be French. I respect their privacy, their cultural pride and joie de vivre even though many Americans would probably disagree with me on that one. There's something about France that has me ready to pack my bags and book a one-way flight. While that won't be possible in the near future, I've found another way to embrace my love of all things French. and naturally, it would be with food. 

Mimi Thorisson released a cookbook after having wild success with her blog, Manger, titled A Kitchen In France. I received it as a gift for Christmas in 2014 and it's sadly been sitting on a bookshelf since. I was so focused on cooking through The Tucci Cookbook that I didn't give it another glance. With the Cooking With Stanley series over, I contemplated the decision of moving on to another cookbook or moving on from that type of series altogether. I was tired of the grueling full-day cooking sessions that I could barely enjoy anymore. It started to feel like work towards the end and I was worried I would ruin the experience with another cookbook by embarking on a similar journey. 

Out of curiosity, I picked up A Kitchen In France and began to flip through the pages. The first thing I noticed was the beautiful organization. Mimi had organized all her recipes by season and each season was further broken down into starters, main courses and desserts. The second thing I noticed were all of the stunning photos. I wanted to dive into each page and take a bite out of whatever she had been cooking at that time. After careful consideration and a little planning, it was hardly a decision for me to make anymore. Unlike Cooking With Stanley, the planning was painless and quick but more importantly, there wouldn't be a weekly commitment to cooking a meal with several courses. So this is how my French Cooking series will go: Spring - 6 menus; Summer - 5 menus; Fall - 5 menus; Winter - 8 menus. Each menu equals a weekly post and there will be a cooling off period in between each season. I've already cooked through most of spring and I cannot wait to begin sharing with you. 

French Cooking Fridays will begin next week on Friday the 24th with a double feature. The photos I've shared throughout this post are a sneak peek at what's to come. Spring will be featured first (even though we're entering summer next week) followed by a brief cooling off period before the summer menus begin. I hope you join me on this new journey as I am beyond excited to share it with you. There has been a tiny bit of frustration due to my impatience but so far each menu has been rewarding and delicious. I will not be sharing the full recipes, just like Cooking With Stanley, but I highly encourage you to check out Mimi Thorisson's blog and her cookbook A Kitchen In France.