San Francisco Playlist

The best part of any trip or travel experience is in the anticipation. Deciding what you need to bring, researching places you want to visit and getting ready to wander around a new city can sometimes be more exciting than actually being there. Not because it doesn't live up to expectations but because it takes a little while to actually sink in. At least, that's how it is for me. Whenever I'm traveling, I love to have playlists saved in Spotify to embrace my mood. Luckily, all major cities have at least a handful of songs that were inspired by them. Most states and countries as well. If you're feeling up to it, it's always fun to create a playlist of these songs. If not, Spotify has a ton of great already organized playlists as well.

I guess I should disclose at this point that I am not in business with Spotify. This post isn't sponsored, I'm not getting my premium account for free. I'm just obsessed with it. They let you see your year in review and I managed to listen to over 63,000 minutes of music in 2015. I'm sure I would still have listened to plenty of music with my Apple account or on Pandora but Spotify makes it easy. It's probably the one monthly service that I pay for I'm actually getting my money's worth. What I love most is that it introduces me to new artists and bands I would have never thought to look for myself.

As we wrap up our California adventures, I thought it would be fun to share a playlist inspired by San Francisco. It wasn't hard to find songs that were inspired by this great city but I like a decently built playlist with more than an hour of listening time. So I went even further and looked into artists and bands that are from San Francisco. Did you know 2Pac was from San Francisco? I had no idea! This playlist has a combination of San Francisco-inspired songs and born and bred locals. I hope you enjoy it!