FreshStart Your PC

*Sponsored Post: Thank you to CyberSpa for sponsoring today's post and inspiring me to try FreshStart!

It's that time again. The computer is acting up more than it's cooperating and the thought of having to purchase a new one has you seeing dollar signs. Not to mention the stress of having to go through the process of researching and dealing with sales people at the computer store. What if there was a different solution? If the computer is in good shape still but has been infected by a virus or is just running at a snail's pace, you might be able to get away with simply replacing the hard drive. That's where FreshStart comes in.

Now, don't jump ship just yet. I was equally as skeptical as you probably are right now. An easy fix for a seemingly failed computer? Right. And the sky is green. Add to the combination a lack of tech savvy skills, zero patience for technology and a record of technological difficulties, it sounds way better than it could be. Right? Wrong. People, I am a convert. My mother's computer has been infected with countless viruses thanks to a janky email server she was forced to log into and had been slow as all get out. Using FreshStart was the Hail Mary before jumping ship and getting a new one.

Instead of having a technician come to the house, I bravely decided to attempt the transformation on my own. DIY kit in hand, second computer at the ready for any googling needs and not nearly enough coffee, I got started. Removing the old hard drive and replacing it with the new one was easy enough. Once I was ready to power the computer and get the FreshStart process going, I immediately ran into an issue. The error message told me there was an issue with the boot. After turning to the FAQ's from CyberSpa, I still could not manage to get this computer up and running. It was a nightmare of my own making thanks to lack of patience. I called the support number, left a message and received a call back within a half hour. The patient and calm Edward walked me through the issue and like magic, things were back on track. After that, we were golden. The FreshStart program went smoothly, everything is working again and it's as if my mother has a brand new computer.

We've only had the new hard drive installed for a few days so I can't report on the long term results just yet (but I will in a future post). I can say that so far everything is going great. We have Windows 10 installed on her laptop now, she has Norton Anti-Virus for 90 days and the viruses are gone, wiped out of existence. Installing FreshStart is intimidating if computers aren't your thing. If something doesn't go as planned, like it did for me, it seems like a much larger deal than it is. However, it's not impossible. If you're too unsure about the process, I would recommend having a technician come out to your home and do it themselves. It takes the stress and responsibility off your shoulders and if something goes wrong, they'll have a better idea of what to do to fix it without the reliable source of Google. 

With that said, if you're interested in learning more about FreshStart, check out their website and read more details below:

To Be A Freh Start Candidate, Your Computer Must Follow The Following Criteria:
--> Can power on and boot to Windows
--> Must be a laptop or desktop PC
--> For Windows 7 users, the license key sticker must be legible to be able to get the free upgrade to Windows 10
--> Must be less than 10 years old

Benefits of a FreshStart
--> Adds years to the life of your current laptop or desktop Windows PC
--> Adds extra storage space to your computer and your old hard drive becomes external storage
--> All your computer settings and files stay exactly where you left them
--> Your computer never has to leave your home or office and no one sees your data
--> The simplest and most cost effective way to bring your PC back to life

What's in the DIY Kit?
--> A high capacity Western Digital hard drive
--> A PC service screwdriver and an instruction book
--> A SATA cable (plus power supply cord in desktop kits)
--> A 90-day trial of Norton Security Software preloaded onto the new hard drive