How To Pack Your Summer Suitcase

Hey, there readers of Lattes, Life & Luggage!

I’m Darryon-writer of From the Daughter, a lifestyle blog with God at the center. I’m excited to be a guest here and share with you some items and tips to help you pack your suitcase this summer.

Summer is here, that means it’s time for some serious vacationing. Where are you going this summer? Italy? Costa Rica? Or staying states side by visiting California? Wherever you decide to go you’ll definitely end up with a suitcase by your side. Want to know how and what to pack? Set your suitcase aside and read on.

Okay, I know, pretty obvious. But a lot of us end up packing way too many outfits when we leave for vacation, I know I do. Do we really need 10 outfits for 7 days? Save yourself some trouble and pack like a minimalist. 4 outfits at most, full of interchangeable pieces. Keep it neutral by kicking out the colors that are too wild. That way everything you bring mingles together nicely, and you’ll have room for your swimsuits and unmentionables.

*Bonus: Skip folding your clothes, save space by rolling them.

It’s summer, so no need to tote around your entire makeup stash. Keep it light with your go-to BB cream and some mascara. You’ll either sweat it off or the pool will get to it. Also, be sure to grab mini bottles of hair product and soap. If you plan on hanging poolside, some leave in conditioner might be good for your hair.

Protect your skin
The sun stays just as brutal every summer. Grab some sunscreen and bug spray to keep your skin protected and looking healthy. Most drug stores have mini versions of your favorite products, making packing a breeze. And if your skin is super sensitive to the heat rays, pick up a stylish floppy hat for some extra coverage.

It’s 2016 so everyone has their phone, tablet, or computer strapped to them. If you plan on bringing at least one of these things, don’t forget the charger. There’s nothing worse than your phone dying in the middle of an Instagram upload. Make sure all your followers see you having a great vacation by staying plugged in.

*Bonus: Grab your headphones so the airplane ride will fly by (pun intended) or to relax on a nice road trip.

Most often we tend to forget the little things that may come in handy. Here are some most common forgotten items:

  • Insurance Card and I.D
  • Passport
  • Nail Polish
  • Hair ties
  • Ibuprofen

I hope you are feeling better prepared, ready to get packing?