Back to School Playlist

Summer is coming to an end (thank God) which means school is back in session. I may not be in school and even though I live with school-aged kids, I don't have any of my own but that doesn't mean I don't get nostalgic. I was the nerd that actually liked school when I was in high school and college. I always got excited to pick out my outfits and get my books, see what I was reading in English and go buy supplies. My love of supplies lives on through office supplies now. I blame all those 90s teen movies with Freddie Prinze Jr. and Julia Styles. Does anyone else want to live in 10 Things I Hate About You? 

Reliving late 90s fashion and feminism might only be possible through watching the classic teen flick but the music can definitely keep it alive all day long. So to celebrate back to school my way, I've created yet another playlist for you guys with songs that were popular when I was in school as well as songs from those famous teenage, high school movies. Be prepared for some major throwbacks. 

Ok, where do I start. 10 Things I Hate About You had a pretty bomb soundtrack. "One Week" by Barenaked Ladies is still to date one of my favorite songs. The Cheap Trick covers were freaking awesome as well. I started high school back in 2005 and I am mind blown at how many great songs came out that year This playlist is probably half that to be honest. 2009 was the year I graduated high school and wasn't the best year for music. Lots of Kelly Clarkson and Britney came out with her Circus album which is one of my favorites. Other than that, the year can be wiped out of existence. Then we have a few other soundtracks with epic songs like Breakfast Club, Pitch Perfect, Step Up and a few others I won't ruin for my movie post coming tomorrowI'm even taking it back to Grease for you guys. This really is the most epic back to school playlist there ever was if you ask me. I didn't restrict the soundtracks to just movies though. Oh no. You'll find songs from The Hills, Laguna Beach, One Tree Hill, The O.C. and more. I'm telling you...bomb playlist. 

Here's a fun note. Tell me what year your started and/or graduated high school and I'll look up a few of the top songs from that year and add them to the playlist! Tell me in the comments below and make sure you follow both me and the playlist on Spotify so you can listen anytime you want.