Andorka's Sandwich Shop: A Review

Do you ever have one of those days where you just want a really good sandwich? Maybe a cup of soup to go alongside or a bag of chips. There's something about random ingredients piled between two pieces of bread that has comfort food written all over it. Maybe it's because it gives you a nostalgic feeling from childhood or maybe it's invigorating to eat something with just your hands. Whatever the reason, we recently visited a restaurant on the south side of Chicago that brings every sandwich dream you've ever had to life. 

Andorka's Review.png

Andorka's Sandwich Shop (2110 South Halsted, Chicago IL) is a quaint spot in the Lower West Side neighborhood of Chicago just south of the University of Illinois-Chicago campus. They have a variety of sandwiches, salads and during fall and winter, soups. All of their bread is made in-house and their potato chips are also homemade but more on those in a minute. From classic turkey sandwiches to interesting combos like the Tempeh Sandwich, Andorka's has something for everyone including cozy seating. 

The interior of the restaurant has a vintage vibe making it super Instagram friendly. There's not a ton of seating but enough to fit quite a few people comfortably. The fireplace is a cozy addition for fall and winter, two very long seasons here in Chicago. The owner and staff are friendly. They'll answer any questions you have and provide suggestions in case you can't make up your own mind. The restaurant is located right off I-90 making it an ideal spot to avoid traffic when it's out of control too. 

We tried two sandwiches while visiting: the Braised Goat Sandwich and Turkey Sandwich. It felt important to get a classic and an interesting option for two different experiences. We ordered the Goat Sandwich on homemade white bread with potato chips and a pickle on the side. The Goat Sandwich has braised goat, stewed tomatoes and a poblano sour cream. It's definitely not a traditional sandwich but bursting with flavor. The braised goat is tender and juicy and the flavors it's marinated in permeate all of your senses. If you've never had goat before, I encourage you not to be intimidated because it's freaking delicious. That poblano sour cream give it a smoky kick that are complimented by the sweetness of the tomatoes. 

The turkey sandwich was as you'd expect. The real star was the tomato mayo. Condiments have the ability to make or break a dish but this really made it something special. The mayo gave the sandwich a sweet tanginess worthy of appreciation. Between that, the spicy arugula and fresh cucumbers, this is an upgraded turkey sandwich for grown-ups. Let's take a second to talk about the potato chips. They're home made and probably the best chips I've ever had in my life. Crunchy and salty, they practically melt in your mouth. I'd rather not think about how many calories they have because I'd be lying if I said I didn't eat them all. 

Andorka's also has seasonal drink options as well as traditional ones available year-round. Going on a lunch date? Try their Picnic for Two special that includes two sandwiches, two sides, two drinks and two pickle wedges. A new feature? They're offering bagels on Saturdays! Choose between everything or sesame. Enjoy them plain, with cream cheese or used in an egg sandwich.