3 Packing Tips For Changing Seasons

It seems like the entire country is currently going through a schizophrenic weather season. Heat waves on top of cold fronts are hitting every corner at different times. Chicago, for example, had a week-long, record breaking heat wave followed immediately by classic fall temperatures. I went to bed one night with it 90 degrees and woke up to 65. You can’t make this up. What are you going to do though? It’s the transition from summer to fall and unfortunately, it’s almost everywhere. So what does that mean for travel? It means packing is going to be much more difficult than it usually is. I would recommend checking out our post sharing tips on what to pack when traveling to multiple climates if you're planning for more extreme weather changes within a trip. If you’re trying to brave the summer to fall, fall to winter or winter to spring times of year...keep reading.

Packing Tips For Changing Seasons.png

1 - Pick one color scheme. It’s much easier to pack less if you stick with one color scheme for all your outfits. I like to go with neutrals and stick to black, grey, browns and white or nudes. I’ll pop in a few colorful pieces to mix it up when I’m going somewhere special but for the most part, you’ll see me either in black or grey while traveling. The one exception is my favorite sweater of all-time which is dark green because I can wear it several different ways with a few different pieces which brings me to #2.

2 - Choose multi-purpose pieces. Packing a handful of items that can be worn several different ways multiplies your wardrobe without having to add extra pieces. My favorite sweater can be dressed up, dressed down, worn with yoga pants, works with flats or boots and a few other ways. It’s super comfy, it’s warm enough to wear on its own with a long-sleeved tee underneath or with a tank for cooler days. Similar versatile pieces would be your favorite pair of jeans or flats. A cute top that can be worn under things or on its own. The smartest thing to do is pack a handful of versatile pieces that work interchangeably together. If you pack four items that can work 10 different ways, you’re set for the entire trip.

3 - Embrace layers. Remember about 10 years ago when layering was all the rage? There were shirts sold at the hottest stores specifically for layering. I don’t get how this can be a trend considering it’s one of the most basic ways to get dressed. The hardest part about changing seasons is the cold mornings and nights and hot afternoons. No one wants to waste time going back to the hotel twice a day to remove or replace clothing. Instead, layer up. Wear lighter pieces underneath items that you can remove and either carry, tie around your waist, or hold in your bag until it starts cooling off again at night.

Some destinations are more predictable with their weather which makes planning your suitcase much easier. For the unpredictable destinations, *ahem* I’m looking at you Chi-town, it’s better to plan for everything. That doesn’t mean filling your suitcase to the brim, but it does mean being smarter with your packing selection. For more advice on packing, check out a few of our other articles sharing tips and tricks.