National French Toast Day!

Happy National French Toast Day! French toast is my #1 favorite breakfast food. I love getting the thick, eggy slices at restaurants and diners and I love making casseroles for brunch at home. It’s the perfect combination of sweet and savory and it doesn’t sit in your stomach like a pancake (although I do love having pancakes on occasion). While I don’t have a new recipe for you today, I do have an epic one coming later in December for your holiday brunching needs. Until then, please enjoy a few throwbacks to celebrate the holiday.

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My French Toast Tips:
1 - When making traditional French Toast, use an eggy bread like a brioche or challah. It adds an extra depth of flavor that parallels the eggy goodness you dip the bread in.

2 - Aim for day-old bread. Whatever form of French Toast you’re making, bread that has dried out a bit soaks up the egg mixture much better and stands firm when soaked.

3 - When baking a French Toast Casserole, start with it covered with tin foil. This allows the casserole to cook evenly all the way through instead of the top getting too crispy before the rest of the dish is cooked through.

Heart-Shaped Brown Sugar & Cinnamon French Toast
Developed specifically for a romantic Valentine’s Day gesture, this french toast recipe is great year-round. Lose the heart-shaped cookie cutters and follow the recipe as is for deliciously sweet French Toast. It’s a classic recipe with a sugary twist. Do NOT substitute the brown sugar from white. It adds an almost caramelized flavor.

valentines day french toast 6.1 850.jpg

Maple Sausage French Toast Casserole
This recipe was created in partnership with a brand but a classic one nonetheless. For those of us who despise the choice between sweet and savory, this recipe caters to both. Maple throughout the casserole sweetens the dish but the sausage chunks offer savory notes in every single bite. Top with extra maple syrup for added sweetness or eat as is.

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Strawberry Chocolate Chip French Toast Bake
A reader favorite, this one is hard not to love. If chocolate covered strawberries are your thing, this casserole is for you. A classic French Toast casserole recipe mixes together with sliced strawberries and chocolate chips for the most decadent and delicious brunch recipe....EVER! If you chose one recipe from today’s roundup to make in celebration of French Toast Day, this one should be it. I promise, you will not regret it.

Chocolate Strawberry French Toast Bake 8.0 850.jpg

So cheers to a very happy National French Toast Day and may you eat lots of bready goodness. Stick around and in a few weeks, we'll share the best French Toast recipe yet. Promise