6 Pasta Recipes To Get You Through December

It’s Pasta Day on Lattes, Life & Luggage! Carbs are a gift from god, that need to be cherished, rather than avoided. There is no doubt that pasta is proof perfection does exist. However, it is so easy to get hung up on simply boiling water, adding noodles, adding sauce, and serving. Pasta deserves so much more than this! Being able to be creative, and taking your own spin on recipes, or coming up with one on the spot, is what makes pasta that much better! This ingredient can be spun to impress anyone. From the pickiest of eaters, to the most adventurous. Because of this, it is important that you gain experience with different dishes, to impress dates, kids, family, or anyone. Here is my round-up of delicious pasta dishes to try, and give you some inspiration for future recipes!

Pasta Recipe Round-Up.png

Chicken Milanese with Simple Spaghetti
Looking to impress a date, while still being able to enjoy the date yourself? Try out this chicken Milanese with simple spaghetti recipe! Cooking with someone new is a great way to break the ice and have fun! The low and slow sauce makes it perfect for chatting, and the addition of chicken gives you, and your date, each a job. Pour yourselves a glass of wine and don’t take it too serious! Change up the sauce or noodles, add different spices, and have fun!

Chicken Milanese 5.0.jpg

Creamy Sun-Dried Tomato Pasta
This creamy, sun-dried tomato pasta, is perfect for a quick, weeknight dinner. Don’t let the short prep time of this recipe make you think it isn’t delicious! The homemade sauce is sure to impress any guests, without causing stress on you after work. It's easy, delicious, and, an added plus of the homemade sauce, aromatherapy after a long day of work.


Crockpot Meat Marinara
There is nothing that beats walking into your home and being welcomed by the scent of meat marinara in the crockpot. This recipe can warm up even the coldest of days. The last thing anyone wants to do after coming in from the cold is cook a meal. By prepping this in the morning, you can come home, serve yourself a bowl, and snuggle up on the couch to watch holiday movies.

Crockpot Meat Marinara 3.0.jpg

Pasta with Sausage & Peppers
This recipe is perfect for when you are down to your last bit of the grocery budget for the month, but still want a home cooked meal. This dish is satisfying, without breaking the bank. Again, pasta is all about being creative, so feel free to substitute the peppers, for other veggies, or the sausage, for chicken or turkey sausage!

Pasta with Sausage and Peppers 6.0.jpg

Roasted Cherry Tomato & Basil-Mint Pesto Pasta
Red sauce is my go-to when cooking pasta. However, I often feel myself getting stuck in a routine of only cooking pasta with red sauce. The basil-mint pesto is fresh and different, and the addition of roasted cherry tomatoes still gives it that red flavor I love. Make this recipe on a weeknight and use the leftover pesto for lunches throughout the rest of the week!


Short Rib Gravy
For a heartier meal, try out this short rib gravy recipe! This is perfect for winter, when you want your meals to make you feel warm and cozy. The use of a crockpot in this recipe makes it super easy to make, and the smell when you come home, will make the little work involved, well worth it.

Short Rib Gravy 6.0.jpg

Tell us in the comments below what your favorite pasta night recipe is.