5 Best Apps For Productivity

With to-do lists constantly growing and so much to manage between work and home life, sometimes it feels like there’s no way to keep track of it all, even with the perfect planner. Our phones already hold pretty much all our lives- pictures, social media, Netflix. With these 5 apps, your phone can also help keep track of everything that needs to get done, and make sure it gets done.

Asana is perfect for anyone working in or managing a team. Team members can join the same group to share and assign tasks, share files, and add comments and updates to keep everyone in the loop. I personally use Asana at my job everyday, and my coworkers and I all agree it’s the best way for us to stay connected and know who’s doing what.

Genius Scan
Sometimes, I really want my handwritten notes or a hard copy of something saved as a PDF on my phone so it’s easy to send in emails and texts. Taking pictures of notes works okay, but they often come out blurry, and the photo files are too big to send in an email. The Genius Scan app allows you to scan anything and converts it to a PDF on your phone. This makes it easy to send the notes or document in both text messages and email, and you can email it to yourself to save it on your computer.

I feel like if I’m not being productive, it’s because I’m looking at random articles and Tasty videos on my phone. With the pocket app, I can save all the articles and videos I see coming up on Facebook or Safari to look at later. Now there’s no excuses- you have the link saved for later, and you can look at it after you get your to-do list done!

As a working student, I have multiple email addresses that are constantly getting flooded with both important information and spam. Sometimes, I look at my mail app on my phone and feel overwhelmed by everything in it. The second I have my email finally organized, I feel so accomplished. Spark detects if an email is personal, work, or school related, and files messages away to their respective category. It makes it much easier to tackle my inbox and keep work, school, promotional, and personal emails separate.

Sometimes I feel like I need a to-do list just to organize my real to-do list. Wunderlist makes creating dynamic and interactive to-do lists simple. Within your to-do list, you can create subtasks, set deadlines and reminders, check off items, share tasks with colleagues, and add attachments and pictures. Each item on your list is perfectly tailored to help you get it done. Best of all, it can sync across all your devices and virtual calendars.