Fearless Women To Know - Jennifer Salter

Happy International Woman’s Day! If you’re striking today, I stand with you 100%. If you’re not striking, I also support you because at the end of the day, us ladies need to stick together. I am fortunate to work with small business all owned by incredible women that I admire. So instead of taking the day off, I’m continuing to support them as well as all of my friends and family. I don’t like to get political, and I’m not, but when it comes to unification, I don’t believe there’s anything more important if it’s for a good cause. In the spirit of women supporting women, we have our second fearless woman to know today!

Jennifer Salter is a longtime blog friend of mine that is a true force of nature. She owns four different businesses. Two require her to create products by hand, another provides services to clients in the digital sphere and the other is a blog which is a huge responsibility, something I can attest to. As a blogger, you’ll find yourself with friends that you’ve grown close to but never actually met in person. Jen is one of those ladies for me. She’s also a great sounding board for ideas and helping me price things out (something I absolutely despise). Needless to say, she has plenty of advice and inspiration to provide. Keep reading for more...

1. Tell us a little bit about yourself and your not one but four businesses.
Hi! I'm Jennifer, the blonde mind behind Busy Being Jennifer, Homespun Happiness, The Knottarie, and Jayne Media! Yes, I'm a little busy and/or crazy... just depends on the day.

Busy Being Jennifer is my blog, all about my life, crafty musings and DIY projects. Homespun Happiness is the first of my 2 handmade shops, and was born from my love of handmade and sewing. I sell Patchy Bears, Ouchie Owls and hand embroidered pillows and pouches. The Knottarie is my most recent endeavor and is where I sell my handmade "Hoop Art" embroidery pieces. I am hoping to be able to add kits and patterns to this store in the next year or so! Jayne Media is where most of my time is spent these days. It's my virtual assistant and social media management company, and I currently have a team of 3, plus myself, managing 15 + amazing clients!

And on top of all of this, I have 2 dogs, a cat, and a husband!

2. How do you find the time to balance each business?
I can't claim to actually have achieved balance, every day is a bit of a balancing act. Some days I do better than others. I have learned to take life and business one task at a time, and to go with the flow whenever I can. There are also natural ebbs and flows with any business, and I happy to have 4 businesses I love that naturally flow together very well. Oh and delegating! Delegating is a lifesaver!

3. What are some inspirations for your creativity because you must need an infinite amount? How do you keep your ideas fresh?
One of the perks of being a social media manager is that I have to stay immersed in what is current and trending. I spend a big chunk of my work day brainstorming, scheduling and creating... So I keep a notebook for my own businesses with me at all times! I can't tell you how many times reading something for a client has sparked an idea for a new hoop art piece! I've also found that creativity is like any other task or "exercise" - the more you use it the stronger and more natural it gets.

Gold and Silver Arrows - Gold Bottom Bag | Homespun Happiness ($21) LINK

Gold and Silver Arrows - Gold Bottom Bag | Homespun Happiness ($21) LINK

4. What is one of the biggest challenges you've had being a small business owner and how did you overcome it?
Learning how to train new team members and trusting them enough to delegate larger, more important tasks was a huge leap for me. One of the things that makes me a great virtual assistant and social media manager is my "control freak" tendencies... on the flip side, that makes being a "boss", growing a company and being team leader a lot harder! It took a few hit and misses, but I finally found the RIGHT team, and that has made all the difference for me. I also reached a point where I was physically incapable of taking on any more, but there was still a ton of demand... so it was trust and grow, or continue to hold too tightly to the reigns of my business and stay exactly where I was.

5. Who are a few other fearless women you respect and look up to?
Stephanie from The Park Wife is a huge inspiration to me! She took her passions and turned them into a thriving business and community!

Kelli from Essentially Kelli is my former health and wellness coach and helped my get my stress under control. She also became a friend and cheerleader and has inspired me to do and be more!

6. Thanks so much for being one of our Fearless Women to celebrate for Women's History Month! Leave us with a little inspiration for the other fearless women who are readying.
I shared this on my instagram the other day, because it really struck a chord with me. "Doubt kills more Dreams than Failure ever will." It's so easy to doubt ourselves, to doubt the dreams and abilities we process. If you can find and cling to one indisputable truth about yourself, you will have an anchor point to secure yourself to when the doubt comes your way. Don't let the uncertainty and doubt stop you from chasing your dreams! If I had, I'd probably be a miserable, frumpy, soap opera addicted lump on a couch!

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