Fearless Women To Know - Katie Matusky

Happy Women’s History Month! Throughout the month of March, businesses and organizations around the world are celebrating women in their own way, including Lattes, Life & Luggage. Women are a huge part of my life. I was raised in a family of strong, hardworking women, I work with phenomenal and inspiring women and all of my friends are women I look up to. To celebrate some of these amazing women, we’re going to be sharing one fearless woman to know each week throughout the month of March. That’s five women that should be on your radar starting with my good friend Katie Matusky.

Katie is someone who is always keeping me on my toes. We share interns together, we bounce ideas off of each other and we share dog mom stories, even the nasty ones. She’s quickly become one of my closest friends and confidants in the two and a half years I’ve known her and I aspire to be a little bit more like her every day. There’s no one better to learn from if you’re passionate about starting your own business and living the best life possible.

1) Tell us a little bit about yourself and KatieMatusky.com
Hi! My name is Katie Matusky. I am an entrepreneur, writer, and creative strategist who is passionate about helping you design a life you love! My work (and sites) are devoted to sharing ideas, tools, and resources that will inspire and empower you to follow your bliss.

2) How do you balance a regular 9-5 job plus your side business?
There are a few keys to success when you are trying to successfully juggle both your day job and a passion project:

  • Schedule time in your schedule to work on your side hustle and stick to that schedule! That time is non-negotiable.
  • Use your time wisely. Spend your allocated hours working on specific, prioritized tasks.
  • Chunk your tasks by type for efficiency.

Other tips:

  • Espresso breaks and naps will do wonders to help you recharge and get back to business.
  • If you feel burn out coming on, take a couple days off.
  • If your day job pulls into overdrive, rearrange your schedule to accommodate your new temporary reality.
  • When you're feeling insecure or overwhelmed, meditate (I use an app called Simple Habit) to get back on track
  • Surround yourself with movers and shakers. Having friends with big goals will help you stay motivated and engaged in achieving your own.
  • Never, ever give up.

3) What made you decide to expand your company into three different brands?
My lifestyle company has three main focuses: travel, entertaining, and strategic living. Splitting them into 3 sites gives them each their own place to shine.  

Arrivederci Blog is written for travelers. I am inspired by those who, like myself, immerse themselves in the world and come home forever changed. We share our adventures, travel tips, itineraries, and memories. And we have loads of helpful travel aids to make your next trip more personal and less stressful. (Editor’s Note: She’s not kidding. We included her ultimate packing checklist in a recent post. Check it out HERE).

Beneath the Chandelier is an entertaining brand inspiring women to make every day special. We empower our readers to share moments and meals with the people they love. Whether you're having dinner for 2 or 200, we have the tips, tricks, and ideas to help you knock it out of the park! You'll love how we pursue tasteful living in a fulfilling and approachable way.

Entropy Organized is all about strategic living. We're here to teach you the mindset shifts, habits, and systems that will forever change the way you run your life. You will be less stressed, more productive, and your life will have a stronger focus on the things most important to you. Whether you're trying to figure out the ideal meal planning solution or you want to design a better morning routine, we're here to help!

4) What advice could you give someone who’s working a normal day job wanting to get a side business off the ground or turn a passion project into a concrete business?
Your most important task is figuring out how to make sustainable, consistent income. When you're designing your business model, you should have a clear idea from the start about what kind of business you have, how it's going to earn income, and how you can ensure that income is consistent.

Once you have a plan for generating revenue, find your passion and find a way. You need to prioritize your life so that you can commit enough time to work on (and in) your business. It is also helpful to find an accountability buddy who can help you stay on track with your deadlines and goals. Mastermind groups are an amazing resource for business owners!

5) What is one of the biggest challenges you’ve had as an entrepreneur and how did you overcome it?
My biggest challenges have always been major life changes. In the last 2 years my husband and I bought a home, got engaged, took 4 international trips, got married, lost two close family members, and I injured my eyeball (hello, legally blind for 2 weeks)!

Life comes at you fast. If you can anticipate a gap in your workflow, plan ahead as much as possible. Automate the day to day functions of your work and make sure the most important stuff gets done first. When the unexpected happens, you just have to roll with the punches. Try to set up your business to be operating in the future so moderate setbacks aren't visible to your clients.  

6) Thanks for being our very first Fearless Woman to celebrate for Women’s History Month! Leave us with a little inspiration for the other fearless women who are reading.

"There is no force more powerful than a woman determined to rise."

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